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Finding Your Own Way

I have learned as I have grown older that your family only knows your history- where you been. Your friends know who you are- the person you let them see. Everybody else only knows what they want to believe. But at the end of the day, only you know where you are...

Night Shift

NIGHT SHIFT by Neo Blaqness The hardest part about bein single is wurkin dat night shift punchin dat clock afta dark closin dem eyes an tryin ta drift but ain’t nuthin movin  stuck in park ain’t got no ride so you just sit there watchin time go by with...

U Scared

U SCARED -by Neo Blaqness u scared I kno u scared cuz u ain’t neva been there u been wit lots of bruthas but they ain’t never take you there that’s why u scared I kno u scared cuz u thot ya azz was grown breakin hearts and necks but couldn’t...

WHY? (A Chick’s Reply)

WHY? (A Chick’s Reply) by Neo Blaqness Why? Is dat wut u wanna kno? Eertime u call me now I leave ya azz on hold? U ask me why? Do u really wanna kno? Now wen u come knockin I leave u standin at dat door? U don’t kno why? Really? Betta ask dat otha ho Or...

A LETTER: Accused of Drinking Haterade

I will only say that the only single mom I know who got pregnant by keeping her clothes on gave birth to Jesus and she still managed to attract a good man. All your friend is going to attract are repeat offenders but she is the one, like every other single mom, who will end up serving the life sentence each time.

Love, Dad

There is no question in my mind how you came to be. It wasn’t lust, I wasn’t blind, It didn’t happen accidentally. I gave my all in love and you are what that love conceived. That didn’t change just because of what later happened between your mother and me

Running People Away With Your Past

That Crown of Life is a reward for RIGHT NOW. It is that peace that passes all understanding that says whether you were raped, abused, lied to, disgraced, or lived a life you wasn’t proud of, when you join your life to growing in wisdom, you are yoking your baggage and your burdens to the love of God and they won’t feel so heavy anymore.

A LETTER: Breaking The Covenant of Care

What happens far too often in our community is we have unprotected sex for lustful reasons without consideration that a child needs the love and support of both the parents WHO ACTUALLY MADE THEM, then we decide after the fact that person is really not for us so we all keep trading mates until we get what we want- forget that we just totally screwed over a child for our own selfish reasons and then wonder why so many of our kids are so messed up.

If Love Begins With L, Why Do We Start by Chasing The O

The friends I have with permanent STD’s didn’t get them by being deliberately promiscuous. Most got them from compromising themselves at a point of loneliness or weakness and now have to live with that for the rest of their lives. And even when the result wasn’t an STD but an unplanned pregnancy, it is still hard to look a child in the eye knowing that either your lust or your loneliness created a life that should have been made out of love.

Snow Day

Sometimes, I don’t know who to feel sorrier for-my friends who have no idea what a day like this can be, or for myself and others who, when faced with such a day alone, truly know what we are missing.

Apparuit Nigrum

As I grow older, well meaning women wonder why I deny them the company of our wiser years together. But Golden Years are not meant for me. I will be a father til I die. There is no rocking chair for me, no retirement party in my future, no sunset days where it will be only you and me.

So Raise Your Glass

I have traveled a long way to finally being me. And I lost two women who married me who deserved to know that the direction of my life would outgrow what we would be capable of remaining. If I had known that, I would have never married them. But had I never married them, I would not be the man that those experiences have taught me to become.

A LETTER: A Mother’s Fear of Past Mistakes

My daughter is 15 and her dad lives over 300 miles away. Her dad & I had the birds & bees talk with her together. I think that it went very well. But because her dad has not fully grown up to real man status & is not here for when she begins to date I need to know how to protect her from making the same mistakes that I made.

A LETTER: Neo, How Do You Know?

I was born with discernment. It always scared the adults around me because there was nothing they could hide from me even as a child so it took away my childhood innocence very early. It also scares the women in my life because I know them so well long before they even open their mouth.

For The Love of God

What I remembered most over the years is how much those little dirt poor congregations gave and even though we didn’t have anything ourselves, she would always give it back to the church until one pastor told her that they gave it from the heart and to please take it as a thanks for blessing them.

True Love

TRUE LOVE by Neo Blaqness When a smile upon a face you love means much more than your own and the mere whisper of their name makes your heart feel at home thinking of the many ways their love has caused your life to grow even though you’ve never even had them...

When The Right One Comes

CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN WHEN THE RIGHT ONE COMES ALONG by Neo Blaqness When the right one comes along There’s a song You can’t stop singing A bell that won’t stop ringing In your heart when they are near When the right one comes along Every wound that...


UNTHORNED -by Neo Blaqness I know sometimes you visit even how often you stay and read and ask yourself how is it once upon a time you were married to me On my way to who I am we shared a portion of our life knowing now what was not known then still no regrets I have...

Bass Ackward Black Values

That is not to say that it is wrong to want more. But for that, you always have to consider the price, and whether or not it is worth paying it…. Extra work hours and child raised by strangers and the TV just so you can have a fancier house or car and you wonder why your child’s values are so messed up.

A House of Different Names

CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN A HOUSE OF DIFFERENT NAMES -by Neo Blaqness I would rather lay my eyes upon you than to do so with my hands or that part of me which so erotically defines me as a man for far too fast talk turns to ass kickin or kissin odds remain fifty fifty as...

Man Cave

CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN MAN CAVE -by Neo Blaqness I would never say it to your face but there are days when I even miss the way you used to get on my nerves when I was trying to watch the game with you making the dumbest comments I ever heard doing it on purpose because...

It’s a Date

CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN IT’S A DATE by Neo Blaqness Today I celebrate the anniversary of your touch I’ve never been the kind of man that such things really meant that much until my arms found their place around you and my lips touched yours and the sound my...

Mourning Sickness

CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN MOURNING SICKNESS -by Neo Blaqness I think I’m pregnant it’s past the date when I should have had a visit from my friend I’m nauseated can’t hold nothin within just been tired funny actin too hormonal for a man craving...

Dawn Too Soon

CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN DAWN TOO SOON -by Neo Blaqness Tonight I felt your head beneath my chin your breath upon my chest the follicles of my hair waving like grass in a soothing breeze as you gently kissed and caressed the bosom part of me never knowing a man could...


CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN SALUTATIONS – by Neo Blaqness Meet me under the moon where my love longs most for its reflection where the peaceful waters flow beneath the stars this side of heaven tho this portion of my life be measured by the sands of time my soul knows...

Much of a Man

CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN MUCH OF A MAN – by Neo Blaqness Don’t ask me how I know for to tell the story would be to break into pieces once more what is still quite difficult to hold for I suppose you would think it unnatural for a man to admit knowledge of...


CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN REHAB – by Neo Blaqness My strength is drained by the weight of each tear that follows along the cracks of my swollen face filling the pillow that we once shared with each breath I labor just to turn my head away from the scent of your...


CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN HOOP DEE by Neo Blaqness So many times have I poured my heart empty into vessels unfit unworthy or too damaged to hold its love making excuses for flat tires broken windows or lack of an engine trusting my life to a vehicle in obvious disrepair...

Fly Ball

CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN FLY BALL by Neo Blaqness You know sometimes you just gotta let go despite every reason you want to give yourself to continue to hold onto something that will eventually cost you your health and the wealth of blessings you have already come to...

It’s a Wrap

CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN IT’S A WRAP by Neo Blaqness It isn’t quite the body you had hoped to share with somebody But back in the day when you were young and tight breakin necks makin dem negroes fight you wasn’t really thinkin about all that smokin and...


Somewhere in life just because you stepped in between someone and their strife from then on everyone assumed you were just stronger and simply concluded they didn’t need to be any longer -Neo...

THANKS NEO: A Long Forgotten Sin

Neo, I been watching  your career grow and grow.  Twenty years ago  both of us was much younger when I had it in my head that I knew everything about men.  I remember  like it was yesterday when you started your first paper and would show up at the salon in a tie with...

Geeze Louise

“I had to really laugh at myself today as I vividly recalled being a young boy  riding the city bus with my mother to clean up the home of an elderly woman suffering dementia which was not as well known as Alzheimer’s is today. We were sitting down to...

The Other Half

CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN THE OTHER HALF by Neo Blaqness There are moments when she says she loves me I peer deep into her eyes just wanting to be sure that it’s not someone else in disguise Even tho I’ve grown beyond the man I used to be I didn’t think...


CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN RESPITE by Neo Blaqness I never understood before people’s fixations with old stuff on a shelf or cars that no one hardly remembers anymore until I finally grew into the shoes of a man and felt the gravity of the world Then it it hit me...


CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN THINGS NOT SEEN -by Neo Blaqness It matters not how much we know It’s the things we do not that hurt the most make you wanna throw up your hands and just let go shake your fist at the man who said “I told you so” and say...

Joy Luck

CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN JOY LUCK by Neo Blaqness Have you ever come so close to happiness that you could literally taste it by its aroma on a morning breeze a scent that fills your belly’s hunger from loneliness putting your mind at ease that the full course would...

Speak to Me

CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN SPEAK TO ME by Neo Blaqness For you I would walk across the ocean tho lose my life upon its floor I would swim the clouds of heaven free falling straight to the earth’s core and pull forth my sword of righteousness call out to Satan’s...

Rush to Judgement

Bobby reminded me today by saying “you got the gift to take the small words I know and make them beautiful in a way that people will listen and understand. And you got the heart and respect to do it right. That is why I check on you. I ain’t want nuthin. Just seeing how you was.”

Close That Door

I have had so many reasons in my life lately to think about that time in my childhood and how much we really don’t stop to consider the energy it costs someone when we stand in the doorway of decisions letting out the cool to the summer heat or the warm to the winter cold not realizing the bill we are running up in the home, heart, and mind of someone else who has to pay it.

Livin Large- On Subsistence?

Now we are so addicted to whatever the government hands us that we think we doing something and think we got our own when in reality we are the ones owned and enslaved by Section 8, and WIC, and Food Stamps. It has become our new slavery and social services has become our new overseers as we tell them all our business to keep getting a check.


CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN U by Neo Blaqness There is a letter missing from my life no matter how often I speak or how much I write It fails to show up on my lips or when I type and yet nobody notices that it’s not there but me and...


People often ask me what is it that I find so appealing about autumn? Is it the color of the leaves? The briskness of the air? The grey cloudy skies? The coming of the winter snow?


CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN AVATARS by Neo Blaqness In the deep quiet of the night when all the world seems still my soul feels the restlessness of your struggling will over what next what was what is why and because all fighting for the prominence of first place in your...

The Epitathe of Real Men

You sistahs got to stick together and stop hatin on each other and stop thieving from each other over these worthless men who don’t value nuthin but controlling you and gettin in your pants. You already should know that if you can steal him, you can’t keep him.


A generation later we have gotten so hooked on laughing at the reruns that we forgot that our liberties are steady being assassinated, the hate speech is back stronger than ever, but they still don’t mind handing our sons and daughters guns to go do their dirty work in the name of protecting a freedom that nobody overseas is threatening any greater than what they are doing to us with their own legislation.

Sometimes You Just Don’t Know

The angels of hood survival always wore crooked halos or knock off victoria secret wings but they never pretended to be anything more than what they was. When they dropped out for a few weeks to several months you knew either somebody couldn’t come up with the bail money or they was just locked up for a while.

No, Never Alone

It is, perhaps, the noblest character of man, that we should continue to desire to share love despite our abuse of the same when we receive it. In this we are indeed the proverbial fallen fruits of our father tho not so far from the tree in that we continue to share our love for the very same reasons that we yet live.

The Never Ending Echo- Ghosts of Internet Past

These were the days when people still sneaked into liquor stores, parked their cars in dark back parking lots late at night to visit the porn shop, and waited til the video store was empty to race into the adult section and get out before the Deacon returned his movies. A lot of people never knew who they were really married to until their mate got caught at something. I guess that is still true to some extent today except the internet leaves evidence forever- long after you got saved and moved to another town.