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A LETTER: Accused of Drinking Haterade

I will only say that the only single mom I know who got pregnant by keeping her clothes on gave birth to Jesus and she still managed to attract a good man. All your friend is going to attract are repeat offenders but she is the one, like every other single mom, who will end up serving the life sentence each time.

Rush to Judgement

Bobby reminded me today by saying “you got the gift to take the small words I know and make them beautiful in a way that people will listen and understand. And you got the heart and respect to do it right. That is why I check on you. I ain’t want nuthin. Just seeing how you was.”


CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN AVATARS by Neo Blaqness In the deep quiet of the night when all the world seems still my soul feels the restlessness of your struggling will over what next what was what is why and because all fighting for the prominence of first place in your...

Understanding The Emotional Creature Within

In an emotional battle, no one ever wins. The problem with being drunk with emotion is you seldom can recall what you actually said and how you said it. You only hear what you meant to say in your head and you don’t understand why someone is responding like you said something wrong.

Glass Darkly

CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN GLASS DARKLY -by Neo Blaqness Today I pause That I might thank God For the keepers Of my heart You precious few Without whom My life would be Quite dark The light you share Tho you not dare To think it to be so grand Casts the Son Upon each...


CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN ATLAS by Neo Blaqness Sometimes a friend will lift you up not because he is stronger, but because his feet can touch the bottom and he can hold his breath longer. For when your lungs are full of air you aren’t quite as heavy then, consider...

For No Good Reason

CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN FOR NO GOOD REASON -Neo Blaqness Someone who makes you smile for no good reason Is like someone who can make you eat when you ain’t even hungry There’s just something in the seasoning Like salt on a sweet apple somehow pulls out the...