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New years songI want to take a moment to wish each of you a Happy New Year. This is always a time for both reflection and looking forward. As we remember the the good times and bad, those still with us and those who have moved on from this earth, the new people who have come into our lives and those that we have had to let go, always remember that our lives are meant for us to learn from every experience.

There has never been anyone wise who has not walked a path that included mistakes, sorrow, or regret; neither without an understanding of grace, forgiveness, or redemption. Whatever portion of these things encompassed your life in 2013 or that you have held against others, now is your time to set yourself free from the control of it.

It isn’t about everything being suddenly right with the world, but setting things right within your own heart and mind so that you are prepared to confront this New Year with courage in spirit and in truth. Sometimes that will mean walking alone, or so it seems.

But this thing I have come to know with certainty, and that is when your heart seeks to do right, you are never fully alone. You may never know who is watching, who is quietly praying, or opening up doors you never thought would be there for you.

Those quiet and watchful angels both of heaven and of earth who choose to be in the service of good things. You never know where or when that kind word may come from someone who does not know your circumstance but gives you exactly what you need at the moment you needed it most. The universe is a wondrous place that draws near to you those things that you are most prepared to receive. But you must first empty yourself of the things that clutter the space meant for your blessings. And if we are truly fortunate, we discover we can be both the blessed and the blessing. May 2014 be such a year for us all. -Neo Blaqness