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Encourage-sunsetNEO,  sometimes you bring me to a place where I’m forced to remember a few “not so proud” years, or (and I’ve told you before) I’m forced to take a look deep inside and reevaluate or reconsider the issues of my heart. And with such topics, when you’ve reached inside and put my heart on the table, what am to I say, other than I know exactly what you speak of. Sometimes the emotions that are stirred are overwhelming because after years of moving along one direction, giving very little to no thought of such things, there’s a sense of acceptance that things are what they are, and there are seemingly more important things to deal with…and then when you “touch a nerve” I’m forced to stop and take a moment to at the very least acknowledge that there are some I need to face or consider…… Does any of that make sense?

MY REPLY – Part of growing and maturing is periodically going back and learning new lessons from old experiences- something people of faith do all the time when they read any book of scripture. Our lives, in and of themselves, are our own Living Word and so to close off anything to the point of never looking back denies us the fullness of what life has to teach us. Although we do often need to step back in order to heal, if we have truly learned from something, each time we have to face it becomes less and less painful and then simply evolves into our own wisdom that we are then able to share. You are just completing the fullness of your lessons.”

Now to the rest of you: THIS is what fellowship truly is. THIS is what it means to not forsake the fellowship of others. It has nothing to do with preachers and buildings and Sunday services. THIS is what happens when people choose to share their spiritual growth with each other on a level of honesty and humility. And THIS is why a lot of times you can get more out of REAL talk than listening to a sermon where you think you got to figure out the message to you when a lot of times it has nothing to do with you. For SINCERE people, sites like this are not about games. If you are wise, you will discover that they are about fellowship- not the religious kind you were raised to believe, but the Human kind, that is taught by every faith once you stop letting someone else define it for you.