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RealMenThe sad part about seeing so many profiles with women saying they want “A Real Man” is the fact that I actually see their point because I am embarrassed as a man to see how disrespectful so many men are today. But what makes me even sadder is when I look closer at a lot of these same women’s profiles complaining about the men, how much they are disrespecting them self and don’t even know it.

It takes a “True Lady” to attract a “Real Man” and it is heartbreaking to see how few there are of those as well. I’m not clowning. I am being for real. I think all my sistahs are beautiful queens but a lot of yall stoop way too low to be complaining about the smell coming up from the ground. I know a lot of us didn’t have much of a father and that left mama doing whatever she had to do to keep things going but I am telling you as a man who was raised by a man even after my parents divorced… You got to change before the men will change. The power is yours.

You sistahs got to stick together and stop hatin on each other and stop thieving from each other over these worthless men who don’t value nuthin but controlling you and gettin in your pants. You already should know that if you can steal him, you can’t keep him. Every man you accuse of being a ho there is usually another female ho playin the role of selling herself short and both of yall just get left with raising kids alone and pointing the finger at a man you knew wasn’t no good to begin with.

Take a look at your profile, then take a look at your kids, then take a look at your life. What kind of man are you really inviting when somebody looks at your pictures and reads what you say and then looks at the graphics on your page? For some of you I am old enough to be your father. For others I look at you like I’m your brother. This is just me sittin you down and askin you with love… baby, what are you doing? How far has all this really gotten you? Is this how you want to grow old? What can I say or do as a man to help you understand that you are more precious than how you are letting yourself be treated by others and you?

Somebody is gonna hate what I say no matter what. But for those of you who are at that point in your life where you are tired of playing these games, just know that there are some of us out here who don’t care about where you been, if you are truly ready to talk about going somewhere. We can’t be everybody’s man, but we try to be an example of a real man being a true friend. There’s a lot of us who know we have been blessed but turn our back on the madness. I’m not willing to do that. Every once in a while I do have to step back and take a deep breath but that is just being human. I got haters who will even press the abuse button to take down a post like this. Yall know who yall are and all I can do is hope the best for the future of your kids even if you not ready to listen. But imma tell you, this brutha loves his sistahs and I will never stop saying what I need to say until you recognize your royalty and stop wearing other people’s crowns. -Neo Blaqness