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THANKS NEO: You Are Changing Lives That You Don’t Even Know

Do you even realize how potent your words are to a sister like me who has never imagined a brother like you existed? I have to keep telling myself this is only the internet but that excuse does not work when the words I read are so real. I don’t want you to think I am a stalker but I am so in love with the person that you are. You are my daily breath of fresh air after dealing with the majority of the male bull sh*t on this site. I would have already closed my profile by now except for the fact that I check every day at lunch to see if you posted something new.

THANKS NEO: Thank You Neo for My Anniversary

What I didn’t know is he tried to continue that fight with you online over the whole week I didn’t hear from him and how much that fight with you would bring him back to me as a very changed man. You know the rest of the story. Six months later we got married and you were there. My hubby invited you and you didn’t turn him down.

THANKS NEO: Sometimes All You Can Do Is Try

I do get weary sometimes when so many cry for help but really don’t want the help that is best for them. I’m sure it won’t change what I do the next time a situation like this comes up. I never could really keep myself from diving in heart first sometimes. But every once in a while, on days like this, I miss the feel of loving arms around me with smiling eyes that say, even though I already know… that at least I tried.

THANKS NEO: A Long Forgotten Sin

Neo, I been watching  your career grow and grow.  Twenty years ago  both of us was much younger when I had it in my head that I knew everything about men.  I remember  like it was yesterday when you started your first paper and would show up at the salon in a tie with...

THANKS NEO: Response not Needed or Necessary – Just Listen

God led you to me at the appropriate time and God led you away from me at the right time so I wouldn’t become totally dependent on you which I could feel was beginning to happen. I appreciate you, and will always love your mind. You have an awesome (one of a kind) brilliant mind. Thank you for having briefly shared it with me. I am a much better and stronger person for God having worked through you to reach me because you forced me to listen.

THANKS NEO: Note from an Angel Flying Too Close to The Ground

When you fight a friend over a principle, they don’t see the point, they only see you. When they run out of words to fight over, they are left only with echoes of what was said. And eventually, because words spoken and received emotionally imprint the deepest, they have no choice but to see them for what was truly said. And that is why it is better to be silent than to speak recklessly in anger.

THANKS NEO: Speechless

Neo, people might want to say you crazy but you been this deep the whole part of life I have known you. You always were the one to go head first into learning and then the first one to notice when something not quite right when everybody else wanted you to shut up. I’m glad you never shut up. I’m alive today because you never shut up.