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relationship signWhen you are young and dating, you look at the other person and ask yourself if this is somebody you can really live with. And you take the chance because you feel like you are still young and have your whole life to replace them if they get stupid. But after a certain age, you begin to understand that if you are single, you really don’t want to be wrong. So you ask yourself if this is the person I will truly be happy sharing my last breath with? Because if you are old and wrong, chances are you will stay with that person because you are too old to ¬†want to take the chance on dying alone. I understand it, but I would rather die alone than wish I was dying in order to get away from somebody who gets on my last nerve. lol.

Seriously tho, I can honestly say that being over 40 are the best years of your life if you really learned from the first 40. You feel better prepared to enjoy life rather than live in the confusion of youth. I guess that’s why a sexy young body ain’t worth the headache that comes with it to me. We all thought we knew everything back in the day and they have every right to be just as arrogant and stupid… just not with my time and my wallet. I worked too hard. And eventually they will learn just like the rest of us.

My point to all of this is that when somebody asks me today why I don’t just get with somebody, I tell them that if it was that easy, I could do that any time with any number of volunteers willing to roll the dice. But, for me, I look at it as the last relationship of my life. Funny that is how we are taught in church long before we ever have sex, but it takes wasting half your life having sex before you realize that sex is the least important thing to having a life together. If the commitment to being together is there, everything else falls into place. But that commitment is now the least likely thing you can find today with everybody putting their relationship business in their status boxes and keeping a friends-list of disposable sex and standby partners JUST IN CASE.

When there is always somebody online who will lie to you and tell you that you are right just to get in your pants, the relationship in front of you doesn’t stand a chance. In the absence of real mothers and fathers, the conscience of relationships has now reached a the new low of whatever the friends list thinks and that is just sad. And now you know why the internet is on its way to becoming the leading cause of divorce. I know I have professional reasons for being online, but for me, if I am ever fortunate to find that person to share my last breath with. We will NOT be on social media. It’s not worth it. -Neo Blaqness