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-by Neo Blaqness

I would never
say it to your face
but there are days
when I even
miss the way
you used to
get on my nerves
when I was trying
to watch the game
with you making
the dumbest comments
I ever heard
doing it on purpose
because you thought
that you deserved
more time from me
instead of the TV
and you got
your feelings hurt
the truth is
that I didn’t
mind at all
you sittin next to me
and telling you
who had the ball
but you wanted to compete
after a long hard week
and overtime
and a cold drink
in my hand
a couple hours
to unwind
and just let me
be a man
you could have had
all you wanted
and more
instead of arguin
and wonderin
why you out the door
tryin to figure
out how
to get back in
sometimes it’s wise
to know there’s
more to gain
by catching flies
with honey
than raining on
someone’s parade