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by Neo Blaqness

In the deep quiet of the night
when all the world seems still
my soul feels
the restlessness
of your struggling will
over what next
what was
what is
and because
all fighting
for the prominence
of first place
in your thoughts
The noise you believed
was only in your mind
echoes across the planes
and prairies of prayer
right to my heart
awakening my spirit
but not disturbing
my sleep
speaking to me
in the presence
of my dreams
I disguise myself
amongst the characters
of yours
with words
to dream ears
real ears
rejected before
tucking in the child
the waking world
dare not know
a kiss on the cheek
back to my own mind I go
in life there are angels
entertained unaware
but in dreams
are the avatars
of true friends
who care

(c) NeoBlaqness . com