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When we sleep, it is not for the sake of our bodies, but for the sanity of our minds. As long as we get proper nutrition and rest from physical activities, the body itself can manage without sleep, but a lack of sleep will eventually drive us insane.

Love and Trust

“I have said this in many ways before but it bears repeating. Life is not about trusting others. It is about trusting yourself to know what is right for you. Most times we are hurt by the lies we tell to our own face, more than the lies of others. So if you...

Indecision- A Female’s Worst Enemy

We are all, often, our own worst enemy but it would seem, more so with women. I especially laugh when one of my female friends say “well you knew I was wrong and not acting right, why did you let me do it?” like I have some kind of magic powers to stop them from doing what they have chosen to do.

Livin Large- On Subsistence?

Now we are so addicted to whatever the government hands us that we think we doing something and think we got our own when in reality we are the ones owned and enslaved by Section 8, and WIC, and Food Stamps. It has become our new slavery and social services has become our new overseers as we tell them all our business to keep getting a check.

The Epitathe of Real Men

You sistahs got to stick together and stop hatin on each other and stop thieving from each other over these worthless men who don’t value nuthin but controlling you and gettin in your pants. You already should know that if you can steal him, you can’t keep him.

No, Never Alone

It is, perhaps, the noblest character of man, that we should continue to desire to share love despite our abuse of the same when we receive it. In this we are indeed the proverbial fallen fruits of our father tho not so far from the tree in that we continue to share our love for the very same reasons that we yet live.

The Never Ending Echo- Ghosts of Internet Past

These were the days when people still sneaked into liquor stores, parked their cars in dark back parking lots late at night to visit the porn shop, and waited til the video store was empty to race into the adult section and get out before the Deacon returned his movies. A lot of people never knew who they were really married to until their mate got caught at something. I guess that is still true to some extent today except the internet leaves evidence forever- long after you got saved and moved to another town.

The Reality of Real Men

A healthy fear of my life from my father did wonders for six children. But that doesn’t work when you trying to be your kid’s “friend” and you trying to give them everything you didn’t have and spoiling them in the process. By the time you realize what you have done, you have run the “real man” out of your life and your kids have been suspended and in custody more times than you can count.

Turn The Page

Sometimes the hardest part of being secure with who you are is knowing that, despite the fact that you never stop learning, there are some things you already know better than to ever want to live through again.

Avoid Dating These Triplets

I make it a point to always eat before I go grocery shopping. A full stomach helps you to think more clearly about the money you are about to spend. In that same mindset, I have learned that, if you truly are looking for a long term relationship, there are three types of people to stay away from: Horny, Lonely, and Needy.

The Doing of Love

Today it seems we strive to be so much in love with ourselves that we drive everywhere with our face in the mirror complaining that someone needs to fix the bumpy road and clueless that those bumps are actually the people we are running over.

Dandelion Love

So many try to love like the magic of dandelion wish- impatient to wait for the winds, instead blowing our seeds across barren landscapes hoping that love will take root in a place where it is out of season.

The Rinse

Have you ever stopped to ponder the negativity you receive from some when you admit that you are meeting or are chatting with a person you met online? Almost inevitably comes the warning of fakes, frauds, and axe murderers masquerading as decent people and the high...

I Refuse To Be Lonely

Never go grocery shopping when you are hungry. I learned that piece of wisdom only after I had blown twice my budget rushing to get food in the house before a snowstorm. I think the same principle needs to be applied to when you are lonely. The emotion of loneliness...

What You Won’t Do For Love

It is said that one of the definitions of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. If that is, indeed, true, then love must be the most common form of insanity. Not only do we seek it out no matter how many times we are...

Priorities and Options

I have recently had the occasion to browse through some online profiles and have found the phrase repeating through quite a few as a tag line: “Never make someone a priority who views you as an option”- or something to that effect. On its face it does look...