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“Neo, your very being embodies truth, enlightenment, power and love…How can we not love you when you always break down life’s trials and tribulations, in ways that make us go, Hmmm?…” -UninqueOne

“From the first time I came across your page I was intrigued by you. You are blessed with such a talent and use it in a way that helps and inspires others. Never change the way you are and thank you for the friendship.”-SG

“I read all of your posts and am delighted to see an intelligent well spoken man who has a genuine concern for others and wants nothing in return. Sometimes the things you post bring a tear to my eyes because it’s heartbreaking to see the things others have to struggle with to have their breakthrough. Your heart is in the right place when you give advice and I just wanted to let you know that you’re definitely appreciated. You are such a blessing to people and sometimes I wonder if you truly know what kind of impact that you have on people’s lives. please don’t change you are such a beautiful person with a big heart”-Renee M

“Whoooooaaa!!!! You have PROVOKED thought sir…..thanks..” -SoFine

“Wow! I really appreciate how u (dealt with that reader) n a stern, yet nurturing way. U made ur point clear without shaming tactics like I’ve seen from many Black men. I think it’s definitely necessary for our men (Black men) to educate & uplift while trying to also chastise unhealthy behavior of our women (Black women). We all have been sumwhere & r on a journey to sumwhere else (hopefully). We really need to take heed to the experiences of another so that we can learn from those experiences & not feel the need walk that dead end street. Too many of us r getting caught up n the media & reality shows tryna live like them, not knowing that those shows r scripted for our destruct bc they know that we (Black ppl, women & men) watch that crap & live our lives by them. mostly bc either there’s no1 there to tell us that we’re king & queens or we’re simply not listening. We are Kings & Queens living like rats & rodents Smh! Yet I’m still optimistic…” -Lannie j

“My black brother, your purpose in life is your passion….none of us go through things of and for ourselves…its to help strengthen, enlighten, and encourage somebody else who perhaps, is going through what we’ve been through…….Thanks for loving, and coming back to us….We sisters need good strong, dedicated black men to give us insight into the black mans physche…..some of us have not had that in our lives……….Thank you for being you…..unwatered down” -Brenda S

“I’m truly grateful and thank you for sharing your gift. Words alone could never convey the depth of my gratitude for having met you. Thank you for being you. *warm hugs* Have a wonderful Thanksgiving my friend.” -EvG

“I appreciate your values. Those two characteristics are lacking tremendously in society now. Im old school. I raise my kids the way my grandma raised me. More people should stand for what’s right rather than bow down to the ignorance that is tolerated as normal behavior TODAY. Mothers aren’t teaching their daughters and fathers are teaching sons. I feel such a sadness for the children of today. So many parents don’t discipline their children not realizing that somebody has to and will at some point. Keep up the wonderful work you do. Inspire our people to remember where we came from. Thank you fir allowing me see that I am not alone.” -Tara M

“Your a beautiful man, I say that only after reading your words. Your eloquent n thoughtfully expressive I am honored. O if men n women would explore the territory of mental intimacy. Alas physical n sexual appetites always rear their selfish heads. I’m glad to know your out there!” -Mimi G

“I was taught as a young child, “give credit where credit is due”! I give you a standing ovation on your intelligence, wisdom and just being direct and aw so real! Your words should be broadcasted! Thanks for sharing. I heard you loud and clear!” – Roxie

“You are really something and that’s a compliment .” -Delores

“Creative Minds & Waking Up To Yesterday… Singing my life with your words, as I am sure not just my life but many others. I must say I enjoyed the connection! “-Vanessa

” I spent some time on your page reading and i honestly enjoyed everything. Some things made me think of the past others made me say oh wow. And some just made me pause to take it all in.” -Delmeda

“I want to start off by saying that you are amazing. I don’t know you but the things that you say inspires me and some of the things you have written has open my eyes. previously you have written things that help me solve my own personal issues that I have been experiencing with someone. You are truly a inspirational person and I love it so thank you people like you helps me rearrange my thoughts so I can become a better person.” -Lady Tiyea

“Thank you for speaking the REAL truth!” -1GudLady

“I could soooooo hold you and squeeze you for this one so true Neo been truthful and honest goes a far way in relationship but ppl get so caught up in these lieing game making there s.. . . t even more stagnant.” -Donna

“Hilariously real… Nunn but Respect….” -Mz Uniquely Beautiful

” Thank you so much for being that voice. You are very much appreciated.” -Tender Red

“man all I can say is I really needed to read this….I been asking god to answer me on a problem I been having & he did that through you! Thank you for allowing him to use you :).” -Lydia

“You keep shining bright. I’m watchin you. I don’t always say anythin, but I see you and think of you often!!” -Alice

“Wow! I enjoy reading what you have to say. I’ve found it thought provoking and moving.keep doing what you do.” -Jacquie Y

“For whatever pains others have put your through, I hope you thanked them for it. Look at what it did. It made you dig deep. It made you explore more of who you are and it helped you help others. I’m sending you one of those big mama hugs from soul food. Just hear her voice say baby you are just fine…… ” -Ms Scorpio

“Not putting my private life or burdens on you. But I want to say thank you, you have helped me so much especially with this recent one you posted. As a child my mom was abused by my dad in front of my door so many times that I promised I never would go through that. I did for 6 yrs. They just recently apologized. But those scars have kept me bottled up for so long that I didn’t know how to accept relationships waiting for the worse or if just walk away. Anyway I won’t bore you I just wanted to say thanks so much again for that.” -Name withheld for Privacy

“I must tell you, that your post yesterday was so great to read. I wish that everybody was as accepting as you and I are, this world would be so much more of a loving and peaceful place. Thank you for such an honest and enjoyable post. God bless you” -1GudLady

“Your intelligence is sexy. Just had to get that off my chest” -Marci A

“There is an aura about you. Only a few have that special aura that attracts, and you are one of the few .” -Damonians Love

“Like me you tell it like it is. No chaser. I am also a poet and aspiring writer. I love an intelligent man and a great communicator. You are a force to be reckoned with!” -Wanda H

“I adore a honest upfront Sexy brother – that know how to express himself!” -Sherane

“I’m late..but I like this doe…the way he word this was so well put together a 8year old could understand….” -Thenetha M

“Neo……… are like a breath of fresh air, Carmel on an ice cream sundae, strawberry in my lemonade, like cheese on my burger…….Mmmmm Mmmmm Good!!!” -Mz Unique

“Hi I read everything u write on here ..very inspiring. .but the last one really hit home. .thanks I needed that.” -Shennel

“You are truly one of a kind. Any woman who is able to be with you is blessed. I read your page everyday and your words touch me because it’s from the heart and it’s true. Be blessed as I know you are and thank you.” -UFW

“I visit ur page every day r every other day jus to read n get alittle inspiration, from ur blog, keep n posting. I hve learnt no matter hw bad someone mess me up I got to learn to forgive, cause if I dnt ill be the only one walking around hate everyone, while the abuser is walking around with a smile , . hve a blessed day n take care” -Teresa

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the inspiring words. I have spent so much of my life explaining to people the principles by which I live and why it is difficult for me to conform to what is acceptable practice for a woman. I have tried to explain to people that the things that define me, are the essence of what others that have gone before me have left behind as a legacy. I have allowed others to try and mold my views to one of a conformist, but in all I have found that I am not a follower at all. However, I do know that I thirst and hunger to learn things that I can emulate and pass on as a positive torch that will burn through the eternities. I thank you for the words you have shared because it has confirmed to me the things I need to concentrate on. Stay blessed my brother” -Leza

“You are so on point with your posts… keep it up…thank you” -Mz Eboni

“Omg I wish I could like this 100000000000 times you are the truth” -Shay La

“This is so on time for me because I’m dealing with various issues and I don’t know how to stop feeling that way . Its nothing psycho just internal things but anyway thank you for the positive messages… they help alot” -Ebony M

“Keeping it 100…. Love it!!” -Southern Juice

“Thank you for all the love you do *:) And thank you for all the wisdom, advice, and face cracking laughs you share. *hug* ” -Evonne

“You always speak my thoughts!” -Divine

“Dang!!! You speak volume man!!! Wow!!” -B3Nita


“Great insight….Real talk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” -Angela

“Love seeing black men speak life into other’s! Thank you” -Angel Love

“Preach on . Very Well said and alot if women needed to read that. If you’ve hurt some feelings they will eventually get over it. Its better to tell the truth and loose a friend, than to entertain people with lies and garbage.” -Ms All U Need

“Wow!! I have so much respect for you, a man that’s willing to tell a sister the truth about men. What a Man!!” -Lady D

“i love reading what you write…very inspirational and touching! you have a gift and i hope you continue to use it.” -Special L

“I love the things that u say not because they sound good but it’s the truth” -Sharic

“Wow that deep, even though I don’t know you or this child or his mother. I just wanted to say to you as the person that you are, thank you thank you for being there for our youth and looking out for them to let them know that there are people out there that care and want them to do better. You my friend are a hero not only to yourself and those that you have touched and that know you but to those of us who don’t and those of us who have yet to meet you. Thank you” -Azzmolottie

“What I love about your Mother without even knowing her is that she gave birth to YOU. You cannot even imagine how much you have enriched my life.” -A Friend

“You have no idea, or maybe you do lol. But you always have me laughing, crying, or in deep thought about my life and where it’s headed. And for that I thank you for sharing your gift/talent” -Evonne

“I’m still amazed at ALL the projects you have going at one time. And yet you manage to keep them going while keeping you eyes on the prize. After hearing you read the excerpts from your book series last night, I begin to see that’s the same passion you bring to EVERYTHING you do. As I’m reminded about the many facets of your life, I realize the common theme is the passion you bring in everything you say or do including your ability to love. You also have the audacity to invoke that same kind of passion that lies dormant within people and most certainly with whomever you’re intimately involved with. At least this is how I feel. Passionate! I bet if I polled everyone whose had/have/or will have the pleasure of interacting with you, each would come to the same conclusion. You inspire, motivate and provoke people. Your goal is to dust off the minds of the human race and get us thinking. Not like you but thinking none the less. A mind is a terrible thing to waste and you refuse to let anyone do that on your watch. I ask myself how can one man care THAT much? I know I don’t have the gift of words and I feel so inadequate trying to wrap my arms around how to tangibly describe you. Maybe that’s the problem. One word to describe you… ha! I’ve got to kidding myself to think for one moment I can sum you up.” -A Friend

“I was all nervous to write you a message because I seen how you make bulletins about people and I didn’t want to be the subject for your next one but now I realize how nice you really are. You are I really do like to learn I like to hear how other people think and believe it interest me. I like reading what you have to say because I do learn a lot from it and I think i know most of the common sense stuff some older women don’t seem to know. I really do believe that what you is to make life easier because I can learn before I make a mistake so thank you.” -Katherineā† Age 18, CA

“The first thing i do when i come (get online) is too search 4urs then by the time i finish reading them i forget what i wanted to post lmbo. Neo i love reading ur bulletins …thank u so much for the smiles and laugh u bring to me u r part of the reason i didnt follow tru with my sucide last week when i went into a very stressful deep depression i was really upset and tied of a whole lot of things… thank u NEO God bless u allways” -Private

“Neo, thanks. You are probably the only person on this earth who can make me cry then laugh so hard in one sitting. I love you so much (not in a storker kind a way) LOL.” -Sweet Jamaica

“i always get excited when i recieve something from you.. i really respect you an the advice you give you just always always keep it real…i feel very honored to recieve anything from you cause your a busy man..” -Diana

“I am glad to have found someone like you that I can talk to and someone to tell me when i’m dead ass wrong about something.. And I am sooo glad I haven’t ended up featured in one of your bullentins..(or have I)!! lol” -Ms. Trina

“NeoBlaqness, I’ve never responded to any of your your post because I’ve always felt that you were a lil to “cocky”, and then the more post I began to read,my thoughts changed,your not cocky just confident. But I had to respond to this (A REAL MAN’S RESPONSE TO THE REAL MAN POST) because you hit the nail Right on the head with this, I would like to say thank you for putting it out there like you did, I don’t know how much good it’s going to serve, but it’s the THRUTH anyway!!!! Oh by the way you also said something else in one of your other post… If a woman still wants to date you after reading your site, I think some thing is wrong with her too… LOL!!!” -Yvette