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Y’all Betta Recognize: The New Civil Rights Generation

Those of us over 40 grew up at a time when you had to remember phone numbers, when calculators were a luxury, and when having good cursive writing penmanship was the sign of a decent education. Now our minds are lazy with contact lists, spell check, and dumbed down...

THANKS NEO: Speechless

Neo, people might want to say you crazy but you been this deep the whole part of life I have known you. You always were the one to go head first into learning and then the first one to notice when something not quite right when everybody else wanted you to shut up. I’m glad you never shut up. I’m alive today because you never shut up.

Lessons from My Middled Aged Clarity- by Neo Blaqness

Most people go through a middle aged crisis. But I had a middle aged clarity and thought I would share just a few personal epiphanies from it. 1.  Racism is a tool of the rich to keep the poor fighting among them self. Give the white man a darker man to blame while...

What’s In a Name?

It seemed to me that unless you were straight off the boat and black, any attempt at a self-identity apart from what was bred into you was ridiculed and seen as a threat with even black families getting upset when their sons and daughters dropped their white “Christian” name when joining the Nation of Islam or radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh clowned Kwanzaa as a “made up holiday” as though the descendants of former slaves have no right to the dignity of restoring their own heritage as best they can.

THANKS NEO: In Memory of Mama & Me

Caregiving was at times challenging for me because, in never having given birth to any children, I was new at not only now parenting, but at my child actually being my mother. Wow! Thank you for in a sense having co-parented with me through countless phone calls and emails.



After Glow

CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN AFTERGLOW by Neo Blaqness Its been a while now perhaps even longer on my part Time never moved fast since you been on my heart maybe its because I never wanted it to I wanted each second to last a moment moments to last hours hours to be a...

Dandelion Love

So many try to love like the magic of dandelion wish- impatient to wait for the winds, instead blowing our seeds across barren landscapes hoping that love will take root in a place where it is out of season.

Watch Yourself Online

you have heard me say over and over again that the church is WHO WE ARE and not no preacher or building. The church is the fellowship we share even in a place like this. The church is ANYWHERE we choose to be used by God.

Night Grooves

CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN NIGHT GROOVES by Neo Blaqness There's a song moving through my body inspired by the rhythm of our love that sweet extemporaneous groove we laid down last night where you set the bass and I followed in the tempo striking licks on the lead of the...

THANKS NEO: Confessions of A Mother Hen

NEO, I prayed you be alright when I read you was in the hospital. When you was back home I felt relieved. Maybe it the mother hen in me but I imagine me taking your phone and pushing people away from your door so you could get the rest you need. You have a way of...

From Freddie to Freedom

Khair never forgot the lessons of his early childhood and wanted to share those lessons with a people he believes have forgotten where they came from. His biography “From Freddie to Freedom” is not just about his life, but a look into the journey that many African Americans still struggle through today.

Post Mortem

Years ago, as a very young man much too old for his time, I was dating a neighborhood girl who literally had sex on the brain. Every single time we were around each other, that is what she wanted. Looking back, perhaps that is how she was taught she needed to be in...


CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN  EPILOGUE by Neo Blaqness If you died today and the only thing that mattered for your soul to be saved is that you truly loved someone what could you say that you once gave your heart but did you give your all did you play it safe did you leap or...

Convenient Care

CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN CONVENIENT CARE by Neo Blaqness There’s not a day that I forgot to say I love you not a single day forget to say I care not a day went by I didnt work to know your struggles not a day that you didn’t know that I was here not a day that I put...

Understanding The Emotional Creature Within

In an emotional battle, no one ever wins. The problem with being drunk with emotion is you seldom can recall what you actually said and how you said it. You only hear what you meant to say in your head and you don’t understand why someone is responding like you said something wrong.

A LETTER: A Conversation with Blaqness

More often than not, a lot of the material that makes it to this site and into my articles and books come from conversations with readers with whom I have become friends. Here is another one I thought I would share. FROM A READER: You're the Man....My Friend...That is...


By indiscriminately fomenting discord at the appearance of every white cop involved shooting of a black person, the Black Lives Matter Movement risks riding in the same clown car that produced the birther movement which launched the campaign to de-legitimize the nation’s first African American President. Black Lives Matter clearly does not know how to pick its battles, nor control the narrative of its goals,


CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN MELANCHOLY by Neo Blaqness When happiness fails to find you When memories turn unkind When tears start to blind you With pains from your heart and mind When life dims the brightness of your smile When hope seems to fade with each passing mile...

THANKS NEO: After All This Time I Think I Finally Get It

I am a church going lady but if I had to pay you for every time you called me out and stepped on my toes I would be broke. Sometimes it is easier to go hear a sermon than to read some of your answers to people. Not because you are mean, even though you do bring it when you need to, but because you are real.

The Seeds of Forgiveness are Rooted in Accountability

When dad whooped us, we knew exactly why because he never came out of his feelings with it. It was never personal except to drive home the point. There was no hug later. There was instead an expectation that he would not have to do it again.

So Are You…

People will always try to entice you to live in their past. But you have to be wise enough to know there is no future on that path.

THANKS NEO: You Don’t Have to Act Holy to Say What’s Right

You know sometimes when you got a deep problem it hard to want to go talk to somebody in church because all they want to do is give you a Bible verse and pray and then you feel stupid like they perfect and something must be wrong with you.

No, Never Alone

It is, perhaps, the noblest character of man, that we should continue to desire to share love despite our abuse of the same when we receive it. In this we are indeed the proverbial fallen fruits of our father tho not so far from the tree in that we continue to share our love for the very same reasons that we yet live.

Fatherhood Stories: ComeAlong Home- The Last Day of Laughter

Fatherhood Stories: Come-along Home- The last Day of Laughter Daddy and his friends were what they called, shade tree mechanics. They loved to tinker with motors of old cars. But as poor black folk, they didn't have garages and lifts or most of the tools rich white...

Black Lives Chatter

The same thing happens when we are ignorant of our history. The conclusions we draw are far from the reality of the pictures we paint in our minds.

Don’t You Remember You Told Me You Loved Me Baby

I was doing my usual rounds on YouTube today and thought I would catch a little bit of Luther Vandross. I was halfway through enjoying one of my favorite songs of his when this completely ignorant youngin had the nerve to call Luther over-rated saying he ain't got no...

No Tights Required

I have always been accused of having my father's stubborn discipline and my mother's relentless heart. I suppose, for a man, that can make for a dangerous combination. I grew up watching my mother do so much for others when we had so much less. Less money. Less...


People often ask me what is it that I find so appealing about autumn? Is it the color of the leaves? The briskness of the air? The grey cloudy skies? The coming of the winter snow?

An Awakening Moment from Sweet L

Sometimes God sends you a message through people in a way that you never expect. I get a lot of stuff sent to me and, most of the time it is an old skool song that someone around my age is just sharing to everybody, or a gospel artist they wanted to share in response...

Sistah Friend

CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN  SISTAH FRIEND by Neo Blaqness Holdin on that was the easy part it is the letting go that breaks your heart that shakes your faith in all that you are because you believed in a love that didn't last as long as you thought it should but if you...

Suicide by Friendship

“One thing I want you to remember… when a man is convinced he is going to die, he will usually find a way to make it happen.”

Sweet Aisle of Prayer

I was startled to see her half smiling but her eyes were swollen. I think she had been crying. She said “I seen you in this store shopping late for a long time now and you always have a smile and everybody says how safe they feel when you come in to shop at night because we get some pretty creepy people in here. Please don’t think I am crazy but could you pray for me?”

Beware The Dark Angels Among Us

There is a scripture that essentially says that you never know when you might be entertaining angels unaware. Here’s a wake up call people. That does include FALLEN angels…

Social Media While In a Relationship- It’s Not Worth It

When there is always somebody online who will lie to you and tell you that you are right just to get in your pants, the relationship in front of you doesn’t stand a chance. In the absence of real mothers and fathers, the conscience of relationships has now reached a the new low of whatever the friends list thinks.

One Moment In Christ

All in a single instant, I felt the tension in the air. The group of older black males I was fronting for almost lost their steps. The camera crews filming the show zoomed in. I saw the nervous glint of the show producer. Everyone was waiting. Waiting for what I was going to do.

You Can’t Delete The Truth

With the Internet and digital cameras and camera phones the reputation you get right now will follow you til you die and then still live on with your kids and grandkids.

A LETTER: I Gets Lonely

NEO, you a man that got it together. Sometimes I wonder do you ever feel as lonely as me or empty like I feel without a mans? Sometimes I am tempted to let somebody come over but I done that in the past I end up with a baby all by myself everytime. I gets so lonely...

This Little Light of Mine

Nobody expects perfection of anyone they meet. What most of us look for is balance- someone who comes to us and doesn’t take us off balance by the weight of their world.

Oh Lawd They Tried to Kill me

I swear if somebody really wants to knock me off, the best way to do it is have a little kid sell me something. So today I was on my way home and saw a huge sign for a yard sale. Now I don’t know about you but growing up, if you got your license and you really wanted...


CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN READY, SET, GO-D by Neo Blaqness I remember One time I told God "Nope I ain't gonna do it" and I heard him laugh hard saying "child there ain't nothing to it" and it kinda put me off "Well that's easy for you to say cuz you're God" Then he...

We’re Gonna Need a Bigger SeaBoat

And so for an African American, whether Christian or Muslim- opening a business is not as cut and dry as writing a business plan and dreaming of the riches to come. For those from families with ties back to slavery and the old south, a business is about a community, about a legacy, and about a promise.

PART V: And Miles To Go Before I Sleep

It is the ultimate judgement upon its life that a soul will awaken to see the fruit born of substance that it added to existence still being remembered by those yet alive.


CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN EPIPHANY by Neo Blaqness There are many gods but one Creator. The fear of gods is the sustenance of ignorance. The worship of gods is the suppression of truth. The wisdom of gods is the perfecting of our faith. To walk with gods is the promise of...

Have You Taken This Cruise Before?

CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN HAVE YOU TAKEN THIS CRUISE BEFORE by Neo Blaqness Imagine walking into your workplace and running into a brand ambassador for GWF Cruiselines. He or she was professional and described a great fantasy cruise with an undisclosed destination at a...

Love and Trust

"I have said this in many ways before but it bears repeating. Life is not about trusting others. It is about trusting yourself to know what is right for you. Most times we are hurt by the lies we tell to our own face, more than the lies of others. So if you learn to...

Unleashed- The Story Behind Neo Blaqness

What do your people call you? I think I get that question a hundred times a week as though I am some stray dog without a leash or collar. So let me set the record straight once and for all. Upon the emancipation of slaves in the United States, former slaves were given...

Fatherhood Stories: Too Pretty

Not one for wanting to settle for eating prepackaged food, I learned to cook. I experimented with all the things I liked that she used to cook and I took every opportunity to watch my grandmother who I also visited each weekend with my father.


CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN TODAY by Neo Blaqness Today when you looked at me your eyes smiled with the innocence of a girl who had never known sadness Your face glowed like a child given a long awaited gift You tilted your head and blushed like a teenager whose first love...

Fatherhod Stories: Ya Doggy Yah

At this point I am wheezing and sucking for air. By the next corner I am wondering if I will ever see my son again. The cold was freezing my lungs and everything looked white but I kept running toward the laughter of this child who is having the time of his life. As they turn the final corner ahead of me I am praying that they stopped.

“Love is a state of mind. It is a choice of living. In my life I have witnessed human beings’ boundless capacity to love and countless accounts of cruelty in the name of something other than love. But if the greatest of the gifts to our existence is truly love, let me then die in defense of it, and not in the offense of hate.”

- Neo Blaqness -