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A LETTER: The Over-Befriending of Exes

NEO, my husband tripping cuz me and my ex are really close. I mean we got kids together so I like to know wuts going on with him so I know the kids are cool when they go stay with him. I say he being jealous and unreasonable. Am I wrong? -BELINDA

Ice Capades

ICE CAPADES by Neo Blaqness I have met so few of us who know what it is to be truly loved instead of being used and tossed aside cruelly abused by a Jekyll and Hyde or an unwitting victim of someone’s bipolar side or just next up to be kissed on a never ending...

Apparuit Nigrum

As I grow older, well meaning women wonder why I deny them the company of our wiser years together. But Golden Years are not meant for me. I will be a father til I die. There is no rocking chair for me, no retirement party in my future, no sunset days where it will be only you and me.

A House of Different Names

CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN A HOUSE OF DIFFERENT NAMES -by Neo Blaqness I would rather lay my eyes upon you than to do so with my hands or that part of me which so erotically defines me as a man for far too fast talk turns to ass kickin or kissin odds remain fifty fifty as...

Man Cave

CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN MAN CAVE -by Neo Blaqness I would never say it to your face but there are days when I even miss the way you used to get on my nerves when I was trying to watch the game with you making the dumbest comments I ever heard doing it on purpose because...