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This Walk

CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN THIS WALK by Neo Blaqness I already know mine is not an easy heart to hold but I make no apology for being me I used to try to see eye to eye to walk by sight that wasn’t mine but I might as well been blind running into things that you...


CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN EPIPHANY by Neo Blaqness There are many gods but one Creator. The fear of gods is the sustenance of ignorance. The worship of gods is the suppression of truth. The wisdom of gods is the perfecting of our faith. To walk with gods is the promise of...

We All Have Our Reasons

There is a divine spirit within the brotherhood of man regardless of what name you want to give it. What this time of year should remind us of foremost is of the greatness of who we can truly become when we choose to love and to give selflessly.