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never aloneLoneliness is not always as selfish as a desire to have someone love us, but rather that we also have within us a love that burns to be shared. It is the very reason that we were created, that we have been redeemed, and that we suffer the foolishness of one another rather than live a solitary life.

It is, perhaps, the noblest character of man, that we should continue to desire to share love despite our abuse of the same when we receive it. In this we are indeed the proverbial fallen fruits of our father tho not so far from the tree in that we continue to share our love for the very same reasons that we yet live.

Solitude is like a necessary sleep that we must have at times in order to balance our spirit. But when solitude becomes an endless aloneness, it is a depressive rest that seeks not to regenerate in order to live, but to lay in wasteful defeat and await only the end. And this is why the Creator of all things said, it is not good that man should be alone. When a widow dies so soon after the loss of her mate, it is not so much that she misses his love, tho surely she does, but when there is no longer a place for her love in this world, time is of no more use to her.

I have learned that a place FOR love is infinitely more important in life than an individual face TO love. But when we confuse loneliness as a need to find that FACE instead of asking to be led to that PLACE that needs our love, that is when we suffer the most abuse of our love, and often at the hand of our desperate choices.

Sometimes we are fortunate to have both the face and place dwell in an individual. And there is nothing wrong with having such a desire. But in the absence of both, do not trap yourself in aloneness when there are so many unfilled cracks and crevices of love throughout this world that could use the goodness of a willing heart. You may feel as though you do not have a lot to give, but a single spark of light is as brilliant as a sun to the eyes of those who dwell in darkness. Just be God’s light… and you will never be alone. -Neo Blaqness