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PART I: I Guess You Wonder Where I’ve Been

PART II: On The Day I Died

PART III: If I Should Die Before I Wake


Before I talk about Life After Life which was my reboot back into this world, I felt compelled to share this tidbit of information.

When we sleep, it is not for the sake of our bodies, but for the sanity of our minds. As long as we get proper nutrition and rest from physical activities, the body itself can manage without sleep, but a lack of sleep will eventually drive us insane.

When we are awake, our minds are constantly processing new information. Sort of like what happens when we type on the computer or visit a website. Our short term memory is like the RAM in a computer. When you copy and paste something, it is stored in memory chips called RAM as long as the computer is on, but if you lose power and then try to paste what you copied again, you find that the information is lost- like that paper you were working on and forgot to save along the way when the computer crashed. You end up losing hours of work.

But if you push the save button while the computer is on, your work goes from being in RAM to being stored on your hard drive as a permanent file. Your computer then has an operating system that keeps track of those files so that when you need to open them later, you can pull them back into RAM and use that information or even add to it and save it again with the updated information.

But as we open and close those files to add new information, the hard drive becomes fragmented. Sort of like what happens when we go through the day writing down things to remember on different scraps of paper. Sometimes the work that goes into finding those scraps later is more than if we simply disciplined ourselves to be organized.

I used to write reminder notes to myself on fast food receipts, paper bags, or any scrap of paper I could find in the car. When I got to the office, my assistant would take a plastic grocery bag and clean out the car and dump it on her desk to figure out what order they needed to be put into my calendar and to do list on the computer. She was basically optimizing the information by putting it in order.

When a computer becomes fragmented, it has to work so hard to find all the pieces of information that it can’t think. Eventually it crashes and so does the hard drive if it is not optimized. Usually when it gets that fragmented, all you can do is stop trying to do work on it and allow it to go into a diagnostic mode that puts everything back in order. It can sometimes take hours- even overnight. One of the primary purposes of sleep is to optimize the fragments of our lives into some semblance of order.

You see, the hard drive on the computer is similar to how we save information to our brain.  We all pretty much have the same storage capacity. What often makes us different is our operating system.  Sometimes technology grows and we want to stay with the operating system we have learned to be comfortable with.

We don’t care to think about the fact that there are newer and faster ways to process information or that old Windows XP operating system is limited in how much memory it can access or recognize or that it can’t access the internet in the same efficient way like the newer operating system.

We choose to limit our access and how we operate rather than to learn something new. And by doing so, we don’t even realize there are websites we can’t even visit because that old operating system is not updated. Or even that the hard drive in our computer could store four times the information but we could not access the additional space because the operating system was not capable of reading that the space was there.

The same thing happens when we fail to optimize our lives and choose not to spiritually update. There are areas of storage we don’t even realize are there and levels of access to the Spiritual Internet we cannot visit because we hold onto that primitive operating system we have become so comfortable with.

But within our subconscious and when we sleep, our minds are driven by the new operating system waiting for us to install. Sort of like that annoying Windows 10 update schedule reminder a lot of people ignore every week.  But in our dreams and within the epiphanies that hit us out of nowhere are glimpses of possibilities and potentials and wisdom that can only be fully realized if we embrace the update. We become confused about things that we can only see in part.

So sleep not only optimizes the information of your daily life but what if I told you, that the updated operating system in your subconscious expands your access to hidden files that contain fuller detailed memories of not only your life, but of every life stored within your very DNA, and that each of us has a Spiritual Wifi that is capable of not only connecting us to each other, but to that God Force storage cloud of wisdom that gives us the ability to fully understand and define the content of those memories?

Think I’m kidding? Look at it this way. If you grew up in the early days of television or video games, you recall shows that had no color, towns where you were lucky if you had 3 channels, and Atari video games where the characters were block figures on the screen. That is how our standard operating system works. However, what do we do when we need to recall something traumatic or burdensome to our spirit or necessary for some important purpose? We use hypnosis.

Hypnosis simply bypasses the active operating system and allows us to access the update. We suddenly and amazingly recall details that were stored in memory that we could not access while awake.  And some even inexplicably begin to recall memories they could not possibly even have. But how is that even possible? Let me explain.

In the post I wrote about the Story of B– my friend who suffered from blood cancer would lose short term and emotional memories each time she had a transfusion. When she had radical stem cell treatment combined with a full transfusion, she temporarily lost her mind and all memory of what we meant to each other.

I contend that just like blood carries the oxygen necessary for the brain and heart to function, it also contains the operating system that allows us to access our memories.  When you buy a computer, there is a little sticker on the side that is the license for that operating system just in case you have to reinstall it.  Once you install an operating system within a computer body, it remembers everything that is supposed to be in that computer at the time that it was installed. If you take that hard drive and put it in another computer, it will fail to start properly and even if it does, it will ask for the code from that sticker to prove that you didn’t steal the operating system.

But sometimes even if you manage to get the computer started with the new operating system, you still don’t have all the same programs like PowerPoint or Word or Adobe so even if you can see that the files exist, you can’t open them unless you repurchase or reinstall all those individual pieces of software again.

However, if you are computer savvy like me, before you go down that timely and expensive path, you might just want to check and see if there is a hidden manufacturers partition on the hard drive. There usually is one on all newer computers that don’t come with CDs.

Once you access it, it will install the operating system along with all the other programs that came with it and their licenses. This is how my friend got her memories back. You see over time, the most important elements of our lives are backed up from our brains into our DNA and cell structure. Our DNA doesn’t just hold the physical genetics of everyone in our family line, but serves as a spiritual backup of their very existence and our own.

In April of this year (2016), recognizing the unlimited storage capacity of DNA, Microsoft Corporation purchased 10,000 strands of it stating that DNA data storage could last up to 2,000 years without deterioration and that a single gram of DNA can store almost a one trillion gigabytes of digital data.

There are about 15 trillion cells in the human body. Each cell contains 23 pairs of chromosomes and each chromosome is made up of a pair of DNA strands. So that means that the human body was designed to carry the memory of the entire human history of both parent’s families within its cell structure. But we are incapable of processing that much data upon demand so it is fed to us through dreams and epiphanies and operating systems that are upgraded as we choose to accept more wisdom, and with it comes greater access to that spiritual cloud which helps us to understand and interpret what is being revealed.

Each time we sleep, we are given an opportunity to reboot with another upgrade. What is known as REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement) is part of these subconscious upgrades- sort of like that little light on your computer that blinks when your hard drive is installing a new program. If it suddenly stops blinking before the installation is complete, you kind of know already something is wrong.

Likewise, when we allow ourselves to fall into a pattern of sleep deprivation, where we do not achieve REM sleep, It adversely affects the brain and cognitive function and has even been known to cause death. But just like sometimes you will wake up and your computer is back to the login screen and not where you left it, your body will always try to save you from yourself through a forced reboot.

The Apostle Paul peered through the glass darkly, but that was 2,000 years ago. Welcome to Hi Definition. Ain’t God grand.


PART V: And Miles to Go Before I Sleep