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One Moment In Christ

All in a single instant, I felt the tension in the air. The group of older black males I was fronting for almost lost their steps. The camera crews filming the show zoomed in. I saw the nervous glint of the show producer. Everyone was waiting. Waiting for what I was going to do.

Pontius People

CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN PONTIUS PEOPLE -by Neo Blaqness Inhale Exhale Pass Fail Go to jail Please us or Jesus or If you must Fade to dust Walk alone or ride Our bus Chompin Stompin Don’t forget your offerin Kneel down to our sound and receive your thorny crown...

What Then

CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN WHAT THEN -by Neo Blaqness To you for whom some things are a sin let it be a sin for you but in a free society you cannot legislate YOUR truth you cannot simply have your way because you can’t stand the sight of same sex people in...