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(A Chick’s Reply)

by Neo Blaqness

Is dat wut u wanna kno?
Eertime u call me now
I leave ya azz on hold?
U ask me why?
Do u really wanna kno?
Now wen u come knockin
I leave u standin at dat door?
U don’t kno why?
Betta ask dat otha ho
Or tha otha one or otha one
I can’t keep count no more…
But u ask why?
U stop by to eat my food although
you ain’t tryin ta keep no job
out there creepin on da lo
Askin me why?
When u got kids here two and fo
U only see wen u want back up in me
and git mad wen I say no?
Really? Why? U ask me why?
My azz is laughin to da flo
Is u really dat d*mn stupid
or maybe I ain’t
as stupid as befo?
But u keep askin why?
Like u really got a case?
Best ta git ya azz up outta here
while I still got dis
smile up on my face…