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Sweet Aisle of Prayer

I was startled to see her half smiling but her eyes were swollen. I think she had been crying. She said “I seen you in this store shopping late for a long time now and you always have a smile and everybody says how safe they feel when you come in to shop at night because we get some pretty creepy people in here. Please don’t think I am crazy but could you pray for me?”

A LETTER: The Sexuality of Love

I have the same problem with ALL promiscuous people regardless of their sexuality. It breaks my heart that they cannot love themselves enough to see how beautifully and wonderfully made their lives are. Some of your profiles make me weep when I see you half naked looking for love. But then how can you expect gay and transsexual people to act any different when half of us hate on them without even wanting to know who they are?

A LETTER: I Think I Chased Him Away

I have learned that love must always be embraced with the wonder of a child; that the more freely and without fear two people are able to set aside past pains, that the walls between them fall flat and become the foundation of faith and truth upon which a home is built wherein an unfailing love is eternally warmed by the fire of spirit filled wisdom.

What Are You Waiting For

Many of us, my black azz included, who say we waiting on a good person in our lives have met plenty of people who just happen to have messed up sides to them just like we all do. And so we act like tomorrow is promised and wait years for somebody who we feel is not going to be as much work when we ourselves can be just as much a handful.

A Question of Good and Evil: An Ever Evolving Epiphany

The time will come soon when what we call gods and angels and demons will reveal themselves for what they are and we will take our unique place among them. Mankind has been given a gift to learn about life from the ground up. By having our spirits temporarily bound to these frail bodies, we have the potential of a wisdom that will surpass others who have been so richly powerful for so long that they no longer know of love in the manner that we have been so abundantly blessed to know…

Someone Asks, Is Masturbation a Sin?

In my experience, where masturbation becomes dangerous is when it escalates and sustains desires toward someone you have no moral justification to ever be with that way. It ramps things up to the point where if given the opportunity, you will involve yourself with a situation unhealthy to your spirit. Only the individual knows when this is true.

Running People Away With Your Past

That Crown of Life is a reward for RIGHT NOW. It is that peace that passes all understanding that says whether you were raped, abused, lied to, disgraced, or lived a life you wasn’t proud of, when you join your life to growing in wisdom, you are yoking your baggage and your burdens to the love of God and they won’t feel so heavy anymore.


CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN READY, SET, GO-D by Neo Blaqness I remember One time I told God “Nope I ain’t gonna do it” and I heard him laugh hard saying “child there ain’t nothing to it” and it kinda put me off “Well that’s...

Glass Darkly

CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN GLASS DARKLY -by Neo Blaqness Today I pause That I might thank God For the keepers Of my heart You precious few Without whom My life would be Quite dark The light you share Tho you not dare To think it to be so grand Casts the Son Upon each...

One Moment In Christ

All in a single instant, I felt the tension in the air. The group of older black males I was fronting for almost lost their steps. The camera crews filming the show zoomed in. I saw the nervous glint of the show producer. Everyone was waiting. Waiting for what I was going to do.

Faith Walk

CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN FAITH WALK by Neo Blaqness walk by faith not by sight cuz when your spirit tells you something’s not right yet you follow your eyes into the night thinking the path to Heaven is between some thighs and find the devil in disguise a million...

Pontius People

CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN PONTIUS PEOPLE -by Neo Blaqness Inhale Exhale Pass Fail Go to jail Please us or Jesus or If you must Fade to dust Walk alone or ride Our bus Chompin Stompin Don’t forget your offerin Kneel down to our sound and receive your thorny crown...

What Then

CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN WHAT THEN -by Neo Blaqness To you for whom some things are a sin let it be a sin for you but in a free society you cannot legislate YOUR truth you cannot simply have your way because you can’t stand the sight of same sex people in...


CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN ABUNDANTLY ~by Neo Blaqness~ A life without true love is like a smile that no one sees warmth without a breeze a sky without a sea of stars to gaze upon and dream a child without laughter no hope of happy ever after just existing missing out...

The Prodigal Purpose of Anger

Neo Blaqness is known for his controversial views on organized religion because he is not a big fan of the church and does not shy away from criticizing many religious traditions. However, on rare special occasions, we are afforded a glimpse of his deep theological roots as is the case with a recent sermon upon the passing of a brother to someone near and dear to him.

This Walk

CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN THIS WALK by Neo Blaqness I already know mine is not an easy heart to hold but I make no apology for being me I used to try to see eye to eye to walk by sight that wasn’t mine but I might as well been blind running into things that you...


CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN EPIPHANY by Neo Blaqness There are many gods but one Creator. The fear of gods is the sustenance of ignorance. The worship of gods is the suppression of truth. The wisdom of gods is the perfecting of our faith. To walk with gods is the promise of...

The Path

CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN THE PATH by Neo Blaqness Always choose to be who you are. until wisdom calls you to change Some are meant to walk with you far whilst others may think you strange But the biggest mistake that you can make is to change just so you can fit in...

That’s Life

CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN THAT’S LIFE by Neo Blaqness Okay so you fucked up but that’s a part of life asking forgiveness just for living never seemed quite right it seems to me god shouldn’t be the one asking for an apology I know it’s blasphemy but if I wasn’t...


CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN EULOGY by Neo Blaqness when this body dies I will return to to the place where my wisdom lies and add to it the lessons of past mistakes then embark again to make even more that someday I might know enough to be god with...

We All Have Our Reasons

There is a divine spirit within the brotherhood of man regardless of what name you want to give it. What this time of year should remind us of foremost is of the greatness of who we can truly become when we choose to love and to give selflessly.