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HELLO NEO, I just wanted to leave a short note of encouragement for you. I have signed up to your page and I do get your emails. I want you to know that you have ministered to me through the reading of all your writings. I feel like you are my guardian angel and I have never even met you. Thank you for being hard core and gentle at the same time. You are an inspiration to so many. Please continue to do what you do. I let my wall down to love someone and everything was good until he (EDITED FOR PRIVACY) and when I told him no, then all that he had been hiding began to unfold. I really wanted to be ghetto and do some damage but I went to your site and began to read your writings. Yes I began to cry because it was as if you were right in my face talking and forcing me to see that there were signs all along that I seen but did not want to see. Thank you for that. I bless God for you being a mentor, a counselor, a big brother and so much more. Bless you and know that this woman in North Carolina really appreciates you -MzC

You know there are times when I wonder if there is really any purpose in my efforts. Then I get a letter like this and it just breaks me down inside. Some of you have been on this journey with me a long time now and you already know this is a labor of love for me. My current mailing list over the past 7 years is over a quarter million people and I have been called a fool, a loser, and every name but a child of God for not trying to take advantage of all of you by constantly trying to sell you something.

But those closest to me know that is not me. Nothing I have done in my life has been to become rich. The majority of my readers are single black moms on a budget and, most of the time, I have found a way to send a free book when I know they couldn’t afford it. I am not a rich man but I have been richly blessed by following my spirit to help others. I am not shy to say that I was born a tremendously gifted man, but the greatest gift given to me has been the small circle of friends who believe in what I am doing; who have sacrificed with me whatever they could just so I can continue to walk this path.

I am well aware that I could turn my back on this at anytime and make more money than most could dream of by selling my gifts to the highest bidder. But even on the hardest days, I am not even tempted because I know this is who I was meant to be. Sometimes I wish I had the money that others just seem to waste because there is so much more on my heart I want to be able to do while I am still here.

Some days aren’t easy. But on those days I will get a little note from Evonne, or Cynthia, Tamika, Verlean, Tanya, Sheila, Rennee, Jazzy, Red, or any number of you, including your note today, completely out of the blue but right on time. It has never failed. And it gives me just what I need. This has been one of those weeks so thank you for listening to your spirit, along with those of you who mysteriously did the same this week. Even when I do not have time to reply, know that I am uplifted each time my weary eyes read your notes and I am equally blessed by your care. -NEO