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THANKS NEO: Note from an Angel Flying Too Close to The Ground

When you fight a friend over a principle, they don’t see the point, they only see you. When they run out of words to fight over, they are left only with echoes of what was said. And eventually, because words spoken and received emotionally imprint the deepest, they have no choice but to see them for what was truly said. And that is why it is better to be silent than to speak recklessly in anger.

A LETTER: Love Denied or Love In Denial

It sounds like you both need to have a heart to heart putting all your issues and fears on the table and then come up with a plan to face them together so that they are no longer obstacles to the future the two of you could so happily have. But you both have to be willing to do it.

A LETTER: A Message to Myra

CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN Dear Neo Blaqness, A couple weeks ago one of my girlfriends email me how to get to your page. At first I thought you was a comedy because what she sent me was so funny.  I spent the whole evening laughing at a lot of your stuff.  But then I had...