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A LETTER: Am I Wrong For Not Dating Dark Skinned Men?

Just because we have a right to say or want something don’t always make it the wisest thing to say or do. At the same time there is nothing wrong with saying what you find attractive as long as you understand that the outward appearance does not define the character of the person inside. Beauty is not only in the eye of the beholder but is truly only skin deep while ugliness runs to the bone. The world will never truly be color blind, but you also can’t afford to be stuck on color stupid such that you overlook blessings standing right in front of you.

A LETTER: Word to Tha Sistahs

You should stop being so desperate that you are willing to accept getting into situations where you don’t want to know the truth. I just don’t think you women are that stupid. But I do think some of you are delusional enough to believe you can give a man your body and your money and think that is enough to make him change the situation he in and all you end up doing is hurting yourself because even if he do leave one situation for you, he already showed you what kind of man he is.

Avoid Dating These Triplets

I make it a point to always eat before I go grocery shopping. A full stomach helps you to think more clearly about the money you are about to spend. In that same mindset, I have learned that, if you truly are looking for a long term relationship, there are three types of people to stay away from: Horny, Lonely, and Needy.