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steve-urkel-universe“I had to really laugh at myself today as I vividly recalled being a young boy  riding the city bus with my mother to clean up the home of an elderly woman suffering dementia which was not as well known as Alzheimer’s is today. We were sitting down to lunch and I was eating my PB and J sammich trying to explain to her my theory on the metaphysical correlation between quantum mechanics and the biology of dementia as it relates to the lucidity of present realities, and psychological time travel to past realities. I surmised that God had placed a metaphysical energy barrier within the human brain to keep the spirit within this realm until death but it also regulated the forward linear progress of reality and that the disease simply eroded that barrier which forced the mind to experience the full metaphysical spectrum instead of the linear singularity our lives were designed to know. I further concluded that mankind had tried to cheat this barrier all throughout time through the use of mind altering drugs. I was still in primary school at the time. My mamma hadn’t even finished high school, and we were living in the projects. She didn’t say a word. But the look on her face just came to me so clear today that I had to bust out laughing. Geeze Louise, no wonder the hood thought I was an alien…LOL” -Neo Blaqness