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Fatherhood Stories: Watching How You Walk

As the boys ran off with the cart, my son tapped my leg and said “but daddy we don’t have money to eat. Why are you giving them your money?” And I said “baby we don’t have money, but you got me, and we got God. Most of these kids only got their mama. If they can make money honest then they won’t steal from the store. They won’t go to jail. And they won’t steal from us.” I don’t know how much my son understood but he accepted my answer.

Deja Who

DEJA WHO by Neo Blaqness Maybe in your mind it was nuthin but a thing another midnight booty call unworthy of a ring and maybe the only thing she thought was about getting high and getting off but that don’t excuse either of you for what 9 months later would...

A LETTER: Breaking The Covenant of Care

What happens far too often in our community is we have unprotected sex for lustful reasons without consideration that a child needs the love and support of both the parents WHO ACTUALLY MADE THEM, then we decide after the fact that person is really not for us so we all keep trading mates until we get what we want- forget that we just totally screwed over a child for our own selfish reasons and then wonder why so many of our kids are so messed up.

It’s Never Too Late

That is why my heart is always there for a hood mama struggling to do right. I step in because that is what my father did even though he wasn’t my father and they were divorced. I give because even though we had little to nothing ourselves, my mother never turned a hungry mouth away from our table.

Post Mortem

Years ago, as a very young man much too old for his time, I was dating a neighborhood girl who literally had sex on the brain. Every single time we were around each other, that is what she wanted. Looking back, perhaps that is how she was taught she needed to be in...