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1. That black women don’t take control of their bodies and stop allowing themselves to be impregnated by men they already know have no track record of stability- relationship and otherwise.

2. That black men are such dogs that they will sleep with a woman who already got kids from different fathers without thinking about the fact that that home needs stability more than it needs another baby from a man who got no intention of staying or claiming it.

3. That black women are quick to say they not looking for a daddy for their children when that is EXACTLY what a child needs.

4. That black men are lame enough to get in a relationship with a woman with children and not be man enough to insist upon being a father.

5. That black women with children will let a jobless man who is not even her husband live with her and her kids.

6. That black men will let a woman already on welfare take care of him financially.

7. That black women allow and even call themselves B*tches with no shame that it means they are a female dog then wonder why they attract male dogs.

8. That black men allow and even call themselves N*ggahs then wonder why they get treated like one and go nowhere in life but prison.

9. That black women spend a fortune on fake hair to the point where it is now impossible to trust that any black women are actually authentic.

10. That black men do not proudly embrace the natural loveliness of a sistah so that her self-esteem is not tied to white standards of beauty.