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by Neo Blaqness

She is
a giver at heart
a lover, a friend
her life torn apart
abandoned by men
promises broken
in the eyes of children
hurt goes unspoken
in their face
she sees him
and yet somehow
she finds the strength
to do it
all over again
she loves at such lengths
I can’t begin
to understand
considering the chances
she will be left alone
This is the life
of my single mom friends
the dream
to be a wife
seems to never
leave them
and still they wonder
why they never
get or keep a good man’s attention
The truth is
just don’t have
the same strength as them
for it takes
only one
really bad woman
to ruin the heart
of a good man
and a sensational seamstress
to mend it again
I just haven’t found
one good enough