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by Neo Blaqness

It isn’t quite the body
you had hoped
to share with somebody
But back in the day
when you were
young and tight
breakin necks
makin dem negroes fight
you wasn’t really thinkin
about all that
smokin and drinkin
that would lead to new life
but never to bein a wife
Now you draggin
swag by the pound
listenin to the sound
of warnings from loved ones
no longer around
those mornings
when mama used to
be on your back
about how the dudes
you was with
would never be
a real husband or dad
And you’ve discovered
the futility
of living life as a utility
vehicle for a man’s ability
to satisfy his rise
all the time hoping his lies
would keep holding you
as you become
less easy on the eyes
Until finally
absent your youth
you face the real truth
that has existed
long since you were born
That love is the light
that is worn by the heart
not the body
with which it’s adorned