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Publisher Neo Blaqness

Neo Blaqness, Author/Entertainer

Neo Blaqness is an author, poet, and commentator. His eclectic and controversial, raw, deep, and humorous no holds barred style has been called as provocative as Malcolm X, as witty as Mark Twain, and as soulful as Maya Angelou. He has been called a modern day Paul Robeson- representing a new generation of Black Renaissance Men.

Neo is not affiliated with the Neo Black African movement nor any organized political or religious movement at all. The concept of “New Blackness” to which he subscribes, entails shedding the shackles of stereotypes and monolithic mindsets and embracing the world in living color.

As  a singer-songwriter in an age where an artist-entertainer is known by either one style or another, what you have in Neo Blaqness is that rare eclectic who brings to bear decades of classical training combined with his natural cultural influences of Motown, R&B, and Gospel. When these talents are applied to other styles like country, rock, swing, and standards, there is a flavor and energy that simply captivates the audience. He evokes the same emotions as a literary writer and orator.

Neo has written for and worked with numerous artists. His highly acclaimed vocal versatility has made him a studio staple and favorite opening act. He counts among his friends, music industry legends of which he never himself sought to become but has rather enjoyed the relative privacy his career has afforded him compared to his more famous counterparts. A native of the Baltimore/Washington DC area of the United States, he enjoys traveling and presenting music in the spirit of joy intended without facade that often comes with celebrity.

As a lead singer, host, producer, writer and former Top 40 Deejay, Neo understands entertainment. He has hosted corporate and political galas ranging from election night gubernatorial and presidential celebrations, special events on Washington DC’s embassy row, international events sponsored by the World Bank, and high society celebrity society events.  As a vocalist, studios call him “The One Take Wonder” whose preparation saves them time, money, and brings authenticity to their projects without the need for auto-tune.

Neo’s poetry and articles have appeared in books and periodicals worldwide and his Ask Neo advice column is popular with an international mailing list readership of over 250,000 readers. His passionate and emotionally transparent approach to difficult life and relationship issues is highly celebrated by the, mostly women, who follow his column.

Neo Blaqness 2019

In 2012, Neo was instrumental in the founding of TrubuPress as a vehicle to give voice to black writers and stories that would not otherwise see print in the mainstream printing industry. He also continues to work with several new writers each year with a tireless devotion to the advocacy of black authors.

Neo Blaqness is considered a refreshing middle ground as a guest speaker and lecturer by having emerged from low income minority status to a mainstream presence. His poignant reasoning and rebuke to both blacks and whites on sensitive racial and political issues can bee seen in his articles and broadcast appearances.

As a social liberal and fiscal conservative, Neo Blaqness is politically libertarian with a live and let live mindset, as long as you are willing to be accountable for your decisions. Yet he personally adheres to the creed that “to whom much is given, much is required”.

For many, it takes some time to understand how it all culminates to views that most believe could not exist in one person. But then that is the beauty of being “The Eclectic Essence of an Ebony Epiphany”– so suitably ascribed to Neo by a long time reader. Given time, you will understand why.