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By Any Means

I’m not asking permission
to walk down the street
I’m not asking permission
for the company I keep
I’m not asking permission
for the car that I drive
I’m not asking permission
to simply be alive

Weren’t They?

I awake to see my blackened face in the mirror and ask myself what shall we wear today? a touch of white? or perhaps half tone, or would it be impolite to be black to the bone and chance losing my life simply walking home…

Matrix Free Blackness

What is Matrix Free Blackness?Although I am unaware of the phrase existing in use elsewhere, Matrix Free Blackness is a phrase I use to describe a point of view that requires the questioning and revisiting of all history and traditions regardless of its sacred place...

An Essay On Race

Our emergence into cultural prominence is being met by a resurgence of the old guard who spat upon and cursed my father. and they have filled the airwaves with rhetoric I only heard my elders speak of. And from their positions of power and influence, which they quietly maintained their bigotry over the years, they are now feeling free to, once again, speak. Are we to be echoes of a different shade?