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And Forgive Us Our Trespasses- The Truth About Forgiveness

Unless you are just a vindictive person, it is in the heart of every one of us to want to forgive those who sincerely seek it. The problem is that we are also spiritually responsible to forgive those who don’t ask for it and that is a hard thing for us to comprehend because a lot of us have a twisted view of what forgiveness really is.

Love and Loneliness: Nature Boy Revisted

Yes I love God. Yes I have, as Paul the Apostle also wrote “learned that whatever state I am in, therein to be content.” But I also heed to the wise words Nat King Cole immortalized in song that “the greatest thing, you’ll ever learn, is just to love, and be loved, in return.”

A Question of Good and Evil: An Ever Evolving Epiphany

The time will come soon when what we call gods and angels and demons will reveal themselves for what they are and we will take our unique place among them. Mankind has been given a gift to learn about life from the ground up. By having our spirits temporarily bound to these frail bodies, we have the potential of a wisdom that will surpass others who have been so richly powerful for so long that they no longer know of love in the manner that we have been so abundantly blessed to know…

Someone Asks, Is Masturbation a Sin?

In my experience, where masturbation becomes dangerous is when it escalates and sustains desires toward someone you have no moral justification to ever be with that way. It ramps things up to the point where if given the opportunity, you will involve yourself with a situation unhealthy to your spirit. Only the individual knows when this is true.


I had a troubled friend ask me today, In the end what difference does it really make to pray when god is not listening anyway, if he even exists at all…


CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN READY, SET, GO-D by Neo Blaqness I remember One time I told God “Nope I ain’t gonna do it” and I heard him laugh hard saying “child there ain’t nothing to it” and it kinda put me off “Well that’s...


CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN EPIPHANY by Neo Blaqness There are many gods but one Creator. The fear of gods is the sustenance of ignorance. The worship of gods is the suppression of truth. The wisdom of gods is the perfecting of our faith. To walk with gods is the promise of...