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My Life My Choice My DestinyNobody knows how strong they are until they are humble enough to recognize their destiny and walk toward it without fear. The only thing I know for sure every single day is that I am doing what I am supposed to do. The rest is a constantly unfolding mystery.  I have learned that the Creator and the universe gives us two sets of answers- that which has been made especially for us, and that which can be made by our actions and choices, and that both can be an equal blessing, though one a more difficult path.

It is not so different than a parent saving for your college education from the day you were born and you choosing not to go even though you know it means you won’t get any of the money they saved. Sometimes your path lay in a less than ready made direction and there is no sin in that. I had two friends in college ROTC. One wanted to be an officer because he wanted to be saluted. The other decided that college was not for him and dropped out to enlist. Which one do you think saved more lives when war came to their units? As long as your reasons rest well within your heart, you will always have the strength to stand. -Neo Blaqness