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real peopleMistakes and unwise decisions are a natural part of who we are. That is why it is equally foolish to judge people solely on their mistakes or even their deliberate misdeeds. In fact, I tend to be more standoffish of those who represent themselves to be pure because those are the people least prepared to handle the difficulties and challenges of life as they are in denial and create more problems than they are capable of being part of a solution. Indeed what I seek to find in each person is not their dirt, but what they actual took upon themselves to learn from the opportunity to grow that each bad decision created. That is the true measure of wisdom, and how I determine who my friends are. Holy people give me the creeps. But, in my experience, those who truly understand grace, are more likely to extend mercy to others with humility of spirit. Heaven can wait until my life calls me there. For now, I am happy among the dirt, where the seeds of my living can blossom beneath the light of God.
-Neo Blaqness