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all thingsNeo,¬†All I can say is thank you for keeping it real. Some days I read one of your little signs and you so raw and blunt with it that I feel like I’m choking. Other days you just off the chain with some of the funniest stuff and I swear you need to do comedy. You not afraid to be a strong man. And you not afraid to be human. One thing for sure, you gone say it like it need to be said. I’m sure some¬†people reading your stuff when you raw don’t get you at first if thats the first thing they read. But then you got a way of telling me things with your writing I been sitting in church my whole life and never got it until you made the same point your way. I been trying to figure out why.

I guess its because you not out here pretending to be so holy. A lot of times you say what I am thinking and probably what a lot of people thinking but pretend they not. I think sometimes we want to run so far away from our past we stop being real. I can tell when you answer people you being real even if somebody don’t agree or don’t listen. You know sometimes when you got a deep problem it hard to want to go talk to somebody in church because all they want to do is give you a Bible verse and pray and then you feel stupid like they perfect and something must be wrong with you. But even when you don’t say a Bible verse I can tell a lot of times which one you talking about when you write stuff and I just smile because I never seen nobody do it like that and just give a person a chance to see the truth without making them feel like something wrong for not knowing the bible. Some things you talk about on your profile I am not sure if I think the same way. But I don’t think the same way about everything my pastor preach too. One thing for sure no matter what I might think about anything I read on one day or the next day I feel like your heart is in it and that God is in your heart and that is all I need to know. Just Keep being you. -SISTER KAY

All I can do is marvel that your spirit would lead you to say such things. I know I am controversial in my approach to a lot of things that people with traditional church mindsets will always totally disagree with me on but I am not here to debate anyone over what works for their lives. And I don’t push my views on anyone. People write me because they choose to. People stay on my profile because they choose to. I never push what I have to say by sending it in a tag or comment. My words only exist on my profile and I do that so that people always have the choice to think for themselves. I have always believed that if you walk in the light people will pay more attention to the light instead of the imperfect person standing in it. And so i try to let that light speak in whatever way it takes for someone to hear it- even if it means saying the same thing as a scripture but with a bunch of four letter words “I become all things to all men, that I might by ALL MEANS save some”. I stopped trying to explain myself a long time ago. Even so, I am always encouraged when someone just “gets it”. Thank you so much for writing.