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SHE SAID: I dont no who da f*ck u think ur u phony ass b*tch.

I SAID: Really? It’s like that? So tell me what I did to you?

SHE SAID: U no dont no mutha f*ckin mans look at no woman like wut u wrote less he gay as hell or sum wrong with his ass. I dont care wut u say, any of us put sum p*ssy out their u gon take it like any man wud cuz all yall the f*ckin same and I hate u sayin sh*t like u diffret cuz u not.

I SAID: So you are telling me that you never had a father, grandfather, uncle, brother, cousin, teacher, friend, or preacher who was a man EVER treat you or talk to you with respect?

SHE SAID: Hell naw. My mama dont no who dat b*tch was just lie my granny and the rest of these so called mans aint do nuthin but rape me or try to rape me and f*ck the damn so called preacher cuz he married but got my cuzin pregnent. All yall mutha fuck*as the same b*tch. U always got sum to say like u no everything so say sum now punk ass.

I SAID: I guess I am a punk ass b*tch cuz right now my heart is broken and I am crying inside and out. I know there is no reason for you to treat me any different than how you been treated and it hurts me to my heart the kind of pain you must feel to talk to me like this and I never said a word to you before. Whatever words I wrote that you read and got you so mad, it’s ok. If this is what you got to do to feel better, then let it out. I don’t hurt for me. Right now I hurt for you.

SHE SAID: F*ck u phony muth f*cka.


SHE SAID: I didn sleep thinkin bout wut I say to u. I just kep readin wut u say and im sorry. I read wut u say ever day im on here n I jus got mad for sum reason this time like I dont want to believe a mans can think like u. I really ashame of myself and I hope u forgive me.

I SAID: You were on my heart last night and I want you to understand that whatever man I am, it came from letting the bad things in life teach me how to be a person who can be a better man than the ones who hurt you. I never gave up because of the bad things women have done to me and you can’t stop being loving just because somebody didn’t show you love. God loved me when I acted less than a man so how can I judge your anger and not forgive you. If you mad, wanna cuss or even cry, it’s ok. I’m not going to hate you. We are over a thousand miles apart so all I can do is reach out with my prayers and my heart to let you know that I feel and I hear your pain.

SHE SAID: I am so sorry. I am so sorry.

I SAID: (NAME REMOVED) you were hurting. I don’t know what I said that got you going but God prepared me for you because normally I would have just blocked you and dropped you off my list. I would like your permission to use this conversation in some of my work because I know you are not the only one this happens to.

SHE SAID: Thank u for not gettin mad at me and yes it ok to use it. I will keep readin and i wont ever forget this.