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-by Neo Blaqness

There is no question in my mind
how you came to be
It wasn’t lust
I wasn’t blind
It didn’t happen accidentally
I gave my all in love
and you are what
that love conceived
That didn’t change
just because of
what later happened
between your mother and me
It doesn’t change that from the moment
I knew our love brought you to life
I was there
I cooked I cleaned I cared everyday
she carried you inside
I spoke to you as you grew
and listened to your heart
while you would kick
as if you knew soon
we would no longer be apart
I sang you lullabies
each night before we went to sleep
while you rested safely between
your mother’s belly and me
I was there the day that you were born
and when you finally came
I was more than a person on some form
I am the one who gave you your name
and took you home and held you
while your mother could get some rest
and watched you smile at the sound of my voice
and sleep upon my chest
For every first thing that you ever did
I was always there
first steps, haircuts, first words, hiccups
all those pictures I clicked with care
It’s so easy to believe when a man is missing
what others choose to say
in order to hide their own guilt and misery
after all, who’s going to believe a man anyway
But there’s a funny thing
about the sins of the righteous
and I’ll tell you what it is
When they talk about you saying
“you need to be living like us”
just live your life and let God be your witness
That’s what I did
Love, Dad