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-by Neo Blaqness

I know sometimes you visit
even how often
you stay and read
and ask yourself
how is it
once upon a time
you were married
to me
On my way
to who I am
we shared a portion
of our life
knowing now
what was not known then
still no regrets I have
of you, my wife
our union was filled
with much confusion
both searching
for who we are
clawing past each other
not stopping to bother
about the scars
time can only conceal wounds
true healing must come
from love
enough to first
forgive yourself
the rest from God above
and if in His abundance
we have some yet left to give
to build a bridge between
the one-ness
where the chasm
of unforgiveness lives
over weeping waters
let our loved ones
cross to shores
denied to them
by lies
that crying eyes
now sober
less clouded as before
I have been restored
unto the path
life intended me to be
my mind no longer asks
what might have been
if things happened
but that all things
truly work
together for the good
to us things
may lack perfection
but they are now
as well they should
Now when I feel you present
I am not filled
with memories of
things that are unpleasant
but the essence
of God’s love
for you and all the peace
that you long searched for
in your life
that you couldn’t find in me
speak I not ill of you my wife
The dagger Satan often offers
God grants me grace daily
to deny