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beautifulA young lady on my page is 19 years old and asked a simple question last night, “Am I pretty?”. Within minutes a 30 year old dude chimes in and says “No. You sexy”. She replies with a smile and says “Thanks sweetheart”. I’m probably gonna get cussed out again but I couldn’t let it go. Here is what I posted:

“Son let me tell you what is wrong with the answer you just gave. You just told this young lady that she is good enough to have sex with but not to be with. She good enough to make babies with but not for you to stick around and be a father. Basically, she good enough to be one of the women you think sexy enough to kick it with but not to be the only woman in your life.

She wasn’t asking you to look at her as a sex object. She was wondering how you see her and your answer was not a compliment. You basically said you see her as good for only one thing. Maybe that is not what you meant. Maybe it was. But you are 30 years old and she is 19. You gave a playa’s answer and she is too young to really know she was insulted and deserves to be valued for more than her body. I don’t know if you got kids but I can tell you that if any man responded to my daughter by answering “No, you sexy” I would tell her to run the other way.”

Now to this young lady, men don’t define how pretty you are, it comes from inside of you. Anybody who can’t see that is not worthy of your time or your body and all you will end up doing is making the same mistake so many other women have come to regret and a lot of these dudes who call you sexy are the same baby daddies with kids all over the place so please don’t set yourself up. You already have a picture on your profile showing you have been pregnant before but it also says you are single looking for a serious relationship and you say in your tag line you tired of goofies playing you.

Well, stuff like this is where the games begin. Don’t end up on here year after year with a new baby complaining about how bad the men are. There will always be dogs but laying down with them is always your choice. I’m not trying to tell you how to run your life but since you on my profile and I seen this and I got a daughter not much older than you, I feel I have a responsibility to say the same thing I would say to her. A lot of times I get called every name in the book for stepping up and saying something but even if you get mad and drop off my page, you can never say somebody didn’t try to tell you something.” -NEO