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A LETTER: I Think I Chased Him Away

I have learned that love must always be embraced with the wonder of a child; that the more freely and without fear two people are able to set aside past pains, that the walls between them fall flat and become the foundation of faith and truth upon which a home is built wherein an unfailing love is eternally warmed by the fire of spirit filled wisdom.

The Wall

THE WALL by Neo Blaqness There is a crack in the wall between me and you If I press my face against it I can see right through and upon my cheek a kiss of grateful air that has found a place to move a yearning breeze squeezed between two hardened hearts of stone...

Running People Away With Your Past

That Crown of Life is a reward for RIGHT NOW. It is that peace that passes all understanding that says whether you were raped, abused, lied to, disgraced, or lived a life you wasn’t proud of, when you join your life to growing in wisdom, you are yoking your baggage and your burdens to the love of God and they won’t feel so heavy anymore.

Speak to Me

CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN SPEAK TO ME by Neo Blaqness For you I would walk across the ocean tho lose my life upon its floor I would swim the clouds of heaven free falling straight to the earth’s core and pull forth my sword of righteousness call out to Satan’s...