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-by Neo Blaqness

In quiet dark
when night is deep
flickering sounds
for company keep
unheard by ears
adrift in space
dreaming whilst
yet still awake
of someone in
that empty place
inside and beside
your pillow’s reach
this is how
the lonely sleep
a ghostly yawn
a herald of
the coming dawn
which quickens pace
between each blink
a lighter shade of night
you think
of promises
you failed to keep
this is how
the lonely sleep
to which fate has tied
questions of late
of love that died
and answers sought
for love denied
by and from
eyes that cried
for lack of faith
or lack of leap
this is how
the lonely sleep
awake each day
with heavy eyes
unsoothed by
choice of compromise
nor give voice
to fleshly lies
tho desires rise
temptation creeps
this is how
the lonely sleep.