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PART I: I Guess You Wonder Where I’ve Been

PART II: On The Day I Died

PART III: If I Should Die Before I Wake



In Part IV I wrote a lot about memory, the subconscious, and the anatomy of sleep as it relates to the nature of our humanity. Now it is time to bring all of what I have written full circle. A postscript will follow this article in the coming days which will be the final personal accounting of my experience, however, this series was necessary as a precursor to it.

To the extent of my finite understanding, in my life I have perceived the existence of seven different types of sleep. These are my truths of which you are free to differ, but as this is my little corner of existence and you are a guest, you may elect to stay and suffer my foolishness, or take your leave accordingly.

For ease of understanding, I have categorized my perceptions into the alliterative theme below:

The Sleep of Reconstitution
The Sleep of Resolution
The Sleep of Revelation
The Sleep of Resistance
The Sleep of Reconciliation
The Sleep of Rest
The Sleep of Resurrection

The Sleep of Reconstitution

The Sleep of Reconstitution involves our normal sleep cycle that we undergo daily. This is the sleep I addressed at length in PART IV: ReBoot. It is the sleep that maintains our sanity. It is the sleep that optimizes our memories. It is the sleep that catalogs our existence. It is the sleep that allows our spiritual maturity to be upgraded as wisdom increases when life is at rest. Absent this sleep, our lives are quickly out of order and our health will eventually fail.

Time needed for The Sleep of Reconstitution can not only vary from person to person, but is also based upon the kind of mental, physical, or emotional day a person has had. Although it is the mind that primarily needs sleep, physical exhaustion can also greatly affect The Sleep of Reconstitution.

Additionally, certain stress factors can inhibit The Sleep of Reconstitution with endorphins which foment restlessness. This restlessness, in turn, keeps the brain in overdrive attempting to process memories and information at a level that it is not designed to consciously reconcile. This marathon processing utilizes the blood stream for extra power to provide oxygen to the brain instead of being a metabolic conveyor of experiences meant to be sent to your DNA for permanent memory when a body is at rest.

Those memories do eventually get there after you calm down, but the toll of restlessness does inhibit your spiritual growth. This is why you are told in scripture “be anxious for nothing” because the changes you seek are not possible through anxiety. You only delay and deny yourself the answer that could have been revealed during The Sleep of Reconstitution. Additionally, a lack of this kind of sleep can make you functionally unstable in routine daily tasks by affecting access to memories you use to survive and work.

The Sleep of Resolution

The Sleep of Resolution is when you choose or voluntarily accept an artificially induced unnatural sleep. This can be done through the use of drugs, sleeping pills, or even anesthesia from an operation. Because this really is an improper shutdown, all of the timers, safeguards, and procedures that are a normal part of The Sleep of Reconstitution process do not exist. This type of sleep will last as long as the effect of whatever caused it exists in the body; as long as what was used to induce the sleep is not fatal.

The reality you experience during The Sleep of Resolution is based upon your state of mind when you enter into it.  For example, it is often said that alcohol does not really change a person, but reveals who that person is without their inhibitions.

Likewise, The Sleep of Resolution will prey upon the freshest and deepest memories and emotions of the person voluntarily entering into it and present dream state realities to confront unresolved issues and expectations.  And unlike The Sleep of Reconstitution which optimizes memories and cross references them with your history and presents a dream state guided by the wisdom of the Spiritual WiFi, what is experienced during The Sleep of Resolution is entirely of your own making. People often look for greater spiritual meaning for things they saw during this state of sleep, but the lessons here tend to be more of what you are trying to tell yourself than what “God” is trying to tell you.

The Sleep of Revelation

The Sleep of Revelation is a waking sleep. It is a state of mind in which you consciously access the subconscious in ways normally reserved for dreams during The Sleep of Reconstitution.  In one form, this process takes a lot of focus and temporarily removes you from the reality of the conscious awake experience. This sleep loses all track of time and responsibility and is usually entered into for a specific purpose. Examples of The Sleep of Revelation can include, hypnosis, daydreaming, and prayer.

However, in times of crisis, the mind can be temporarily drawn into this sleep to accomplish extraordinary things such as temporary heightened awareness or abilities that defy commonly accepted norms. This is the sleep of faith that can move mountains.

Some can even learn to meditate into this sleep to seek answers or to avoid harm.  Governments have been known to teach this kind of sleep to soldiers and spies to escape into during torture or extreme stress. Some eastern religions teach this kind of sleep to achieve an optimal spiritual one-ness with the God force to unlock deeper understanding.

The Sleep of Revelation can also sometimes involuntarily come upon us when those who are closest to us are in danger or call out in prayer.   Because the wisdom this sleep reveals is accessed through the Spiritual WiFi,  two or more spiritually connected beings maintain a subliminal awareness.  This is where the axiom of where two or more are gathered there is God in the midst rings true and how prayer interconnects and influences decisions through the wisdom revealed over Spiritual WiFi.

There is no God personality telling you what to do or moving things around for you. The God force just isn’t that personal as far as recognizing you as any more special than the next soul.  There is, however, an intelligence written into creation which affords us access to greater wisdom as we choose to be open to it, and reveals options that we could not see so clearly before.  As such, most miracles are the substance of our own misunderstood choices. We simply lack the ability to understand what was tapped into during that simple moment of pure faith, just as Peter was never again able to duplicate his walk on water with Jesus.

The Sleep of Revelation generally draws us out of context of our own understanding and projects us into prophecy that is often misunderstood until time clarifies the context. For example, imagine a child who is not a scientist but is born with pure imagination during the time of horse and buggy travel. One day he imagines the buggy without a horse. To the reality of his day, the dream is absurd. But in reality he has prophesied the next logical innovation of travel. He just doesn’t know how to describe it.

This is why so many ancient texts that we call holy are mired with metaphysical superstition calling anything they fail to comprehend an angel or a God, that modern times can now explain as technology that was either being prophesied or actually used by beings simply more advanced than the writer who worshiped it as a God. Nevertheless, no matter how primitive or advanced, there are universal rules to the God force that apply to every being in existence.

The Sleep of Resistance

The Sleep of Resistance occurs when the body experiences such trauma that the mind must sleep in order to save itself. This can happen in a crash or fight or drowning or even during a time when something occurs during another form of sleep which threatens the body like if you are stabbed in your sleep or there is an overdose or if you, say for example, die during an operation. The mind goes into a safe mode while the body tries to recover.

During this sleep, depending on how badly the body is damaged, the mind fights to give it as much power as necessary to heal.  When people visit or pray for that person, they are giving stimulation and incentive to that spirit to battle on. The purest of that motivation is love.

What can also happen during The Sleep of Resistance is that the body can reach a point of non-recovery while the person still resists. They endure a pain and misery sometimes out of love, sometimes out of fear, or sometimes out of confusion. Most of the time they just need someone to comfort them and tell them it is alright to stop resisting and to “give up the ghost” as was the age old saying.

It can be a loved one who reassures them that they will be fine carrying on without them. It can be a priest who tells them that their sins are forgiven.  The Sleep of Resistance is the real reason why ministers are called. They are important facilitators to allow the person to move on to The Sleep of Reconciliation.

The Sleep of Reconciliation

The Sleep of Reconciliation is the sleep just before physical death. For those who perceive death coming- like during a plane crash or other pending tragedy, The Sleep of Reconciliation is first manifested as their life flashing before their eyes. What they are actually seeing is the upload of their existence to the “cloud” as a backup.  At the point of instant death, there is no conscious perception of this stage of sleep.

For those on a slower path to death, it is not a flash but a journey that they walk in which nary a joy or pain, act of good or evil can be escaped. They are forced to reconcile the wisdom and folly of every life choice and, in the end, conclude with great humility what purpose was fulfilled.

When others are present throughout this sleep, it assists the soul in resolving lingering issues with a complicated existence not to the point of perfection, but in understanding. Because it is not perfection that life seeks in order to move on, but the lessons necessary to add its wisdom to the next journey.

There are, however, instances where a spirit is trapped between The Sleep of Resistance and The Sleep of Reconciliation.  This can happen to someone considered to be medically brain dead where science considers a lack of brain function as death while the body may yet still be alive. It can also occur under instances where someone has stopped breathing or the heart stops functioning but because the operating system is still backed up in the DNA and the blood stream, there remains a chance for a reboot under even the most remote bodily repair conditions.

Examples of this occur when someone is found after having fallen through ice. Cold freezes the human operating system, slowing down the body degradation necessary to trigger the spiritual upload, giving a chance for reboot and recovery if the body is found in time despite having been submerged, and oxygen and warmth is introduced in the right proportions.

The same happens when someone is found clinically dead and CPR is performed on them. CPR is an attempt to jump start a reboot by keeping the operating system artificially active long enough to engage an emergency safe mode which utilizes minimum life support restoring heart and brain functions to give repair instructions to the rest of the body.

Whether artificially sustained by machines or autonomic functions being successfully restored to a comatose person, during this battle, the human spirit can go either way. It is equally influenced by the state of the body, by loved ones, and by its mental state of existence prior to the circumstances entering into this sleep. Because there is the potential for recovery, a person in this state can choose to fight for life or reconcile to die.

But usually doctors are unaware that the option still exists and statistically advise a family to pull the plug or to reconcile to let go of hope which is essentially removing the transfer of spiritual energy from what may be the person’s unknown effort to recover.

This is where we get stories of brain dead people suddenly finding a way to squeeze a finger just before their organs will be harvested or people waking up on their way to the morgue, or me waking up unattended on the operating table when the team had already called my death.

The Sleep of Reconciliation can reconcile to resist death or embrace death and rest in peace. However, there are instances where the spirit has no choice because there is no chance for the body to recover but the person will still refuse to reconcile.

The reasons can be such that it is so angry or so fears entering into death or The Sleep of Rest that it lingers disembodied even after the physical body has passed. When a person refuses to reconcile and upload to the “cloud” their spirit is set loose from their brain and bloodstream and DNA and becomes bound to its place of death like transferring the files from a non-functioning computer to an external hard drive or thumb drive.

Because the files are no longer associated with an operating system, they are now incapable of being worked on or upgraded or even uploaded. The spirit is now disembodied and unplugged from the “God cloud”.

Because of its choice, it no longer has the ability to plug itself in. It exists outside of time and space and fears its own obsolescence because it now requires someone to recognize who it is in order to be given a chance to plug back in and become reconciled. In order for this to happen, that spirit must exist in the memory of someone.

In other words, the cost of its resistance when it chose not to upload at the point of bodily death is that it can then only be unbound from its place of death by another who knows of its life. But by being disembodied, it must work to find ways to reveal itself.  This is why people seek out spiritually sensitive or gifted psychic mediums or ministers or spiritual scientists to investigate hauntings.

In order to assist a spirit in moving on from a place to which it has bound itself, a living soul must serve as a medium accessing the spiritual record of that person from the God cloud and serve as the WiFi on its behalf. It can only do so by investigating the history of that location and in some cases, asking the spirit itself for responses to questions which it must find a way to answer depending on how much it has learned to understand the use of its energies while in that form.

Spirits that once haunted places can easily move on when confronted by someone who knows its name and helps it to reconcile its life. For the others who lingered anonymous to history, their fate becomes sealed to the place in which they died until they are raptured by a process known only by beings much longer lived than us. But, they too, are bound to rules defining at what point to intervene, notwithstanding the fact that religious history tells us that some are hell bent on circumventing those rules.

The Sleep of Rest

The Sleep of Rest is where souls go until their existence is needed once more. But the memory of who they were in life continues in the DNA of their progeny. The soul is fully removed from time and space to allow only the influence of its past existence to grow, bloom, fester, or die.

It is the ultimate judgement upon its life that a soul will awaken to see the fruit born of substance that it added to existence still being remembered by those yet alive.

This is the final phase of a soul’s reconciliation- to learn about its life through the influence upon generations while it yet slept. This is why scripture warns that your children will be your judges.

The Sleep of Resurrection

We all must eventually face our impact and influence upon existence before entering The Final Sleep of Resurrection. However, we can exist within The Sleep of Rest for however many cycles it takes for us to glean wisdom from all that our previous life reveals. Until ultimately, there is no more pain, no more tears, and no more regret- only wisdom.

We lose the last vestiges of our flawed humanity, graduating to The Sleep of Resurrection, which is where Jesus was before being called to show “the way” and where we then remain “like him” and others before us, until we are likewise called.

This is the circle of life for spiritual beings, of which we are only a lower and evolving form of a species of many.

But for the species that I am today, my life on that operating table was not unlike Robert Frost’s two roads that diverged in a wood.

The woods “were” lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.



PART VI: A Postscript- My Journey Home