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luckIt is often said that both success and luck come from the same place. It is simply where preparation meets opportunity. Whether it is on a job or in a relationship, how prepared are you to meet the opportunities that each present? Do you stay up late or out drinking knowing you got to go to work? Do you still act like you living this life alone even though you have somebody in it you supposed to be in a relationship with?

Success is usually the opportunities we take for ourselves. Luck is the opportunities that see us coming. I would rather be successful than lucky. At least I know the motive behind the opportunity. People who consider themselves lucky are indebted to whoever brings them luck. If you consider yourself lucky to have your job or lucky to have someone in your life, you may well be qualified to have both of those things but you entered into those relationships on the terms of the person who hired you or accepted you. Therefore a lucky person is not equal in value to the person who provides the opportunity. Which is why I never wish anyone good luck. That is nothing more than hoping they become a well paid slave.

A successful person understands his or her value coming in and is prepared to maximize it with any opportunity they see. When they feel undervalued they are prepared to listen, learn, grow, fight, or move on in order to be successful- constantly challenging themselves to evolve to the next level. Ultimately success is never about wealth of things, but wealth of values. What do you value? Who do you value? And why do you value? When you prepare around a set of values that you are willing to live with, you usually attract opportunities of similar or matching values. That is why the most successful of people always do what they love the most, and not what they feel will make them the most money. Everything else just comes with the territory.

~Neo Blaqness~