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roping moomNever apologize for knowing what you want. And stop getting caught up when what somebody else wants isn’t you. Sometimes it isn’t about somebody being right or wrong, but just wrong for each other at the present. Just be thankful one of you is strong enough to be honest and not ruin a friendship out of guilt or sympathy. It is too easy when you actually do love someone to think you owe them a chance just because they ask. You have heard me say before that a heart that is won is never as valuable as one that is freely given.

You shouldn’t have to convince anyone to be in a relationship with you. Just be yourself. Know yourself. Trust yourself. And you will draw to you those who are meant to walk this life with you. Likewise, before the moon gave us tides and the sun gave us seasons, there was a time when both the earth and the moon roamed freely until settling into the order that we now know. The Earth didn’t have to rope the moon, and the sun doesn’t have to ask the earth to revolve around it. It happened naturally. To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven [Ecclesiastes 3:1]. You may not like the climate of your love life right now but your greater concern should be the seeds that you plant. What are you sowing right now that you may later regret having to reap when your life finally begins to blossom? -Neo Blaqness