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dating-tipsI make it a point to always eat before I go grocery shopping. A full stomach helps you to think more clearly about the money you are about to spend. In that same mindset, I have learned that, if you truly are looking for a long term relationship, there are three types of people to stay away from: Horny, Lonely, and Needy.

A horny person may not even be attracted to you. That’s why people who can‘t otherwise keep someone in their life, pick up strangers in bars and take them home. When you attract somebody by talking sexually or showing your goodies, life after the nut usually is not good. You find out with the quickness that only one part of their body knows who you are and it ain’t their heart.

Hooking up with a lonely person ain’t too much different than dating a crackhead looking for a fix. Crackheads don’t notice how disgusting a crack house is until after they get cleaned up. Likewise, the compromises a lonely person makes to get their fix of company, can often be delusional. You can’t really trust they are with you for the right reasons or if they will actually remain loyal to you once they get it together. A lot of these types of people are emotional vampires. They do everything they can to draw you in and keep you until they get used to your company. Then they either complain about things or go out creeping for the next fix that fits their fancy. Dating a lonely person is probably the most dangerous thing you can do to your heart because at least you knew what you were getting into with a horny person. A lonely person will lie and sometimes not even realize it until after the damage is done.

Dating a needy person is the biggest self inflicted wound because, most of the time, we are either trying to be the rescuer or the caretaker without really understanding until too late that broke, homeless, jobless, and co dependent people are usually that way because of a history of their own bad decisions regardless of who else might share some of the blame. They are motivated more by desperation than actual attraction to you and they are only as loyal as the threat of insecurity exists. They are always plotting their escape just in case you figure them out or they or you realize they don’t really love you but need what you have to offer. They are the most sincere deliberate liars on the face of the earth and the most likely to make a fool out of you.

A lot of us have even been one of these three people to somebody else at some point in our lives which is how we know to avoid them. But once you are on the receiving end, like the old saying says, fool me once shame of you, fool me twice shame on me. After the third time, that is a sign of desperation. -Neo Blaqness