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“I have said this in many ways before but it bears repeating. Life is not about trusting others. It is about trusting yourself to know what is right for you.

Most times we are hurt by the lies we tell to our own face, more than the lies of others. So if you learn to listen to yourself, the lies of others can never really hurt you- at least not for long.

For as long as you carry anger or fear with you from the past, then the past really isn’t over and there is no room in your life for the future. But when you organize your pains into lessons learned and put them in their proper place on the shelf of your life, you will never forget that those lessons are there. You can trust what is in those books because you wrote them and can always reference them against what others try to tell you.

Seeking validation and confirmation is not mistrust. When you swipe your card at the store, it is not enough that you possess the card, there is a process by which you are validated as the owner and that the funds are available, then there is confirmation that the transaction occurred.

Your life experiences are a bank of wisdom but you have to be willing to deposit your lessons learned. If your relationships keep coming up DECLINED or OVERDRAWN, you have either not been saving wisely or you gave your PIN to the wrong person.

Either way, it is your judgement you have to learn to trust better. That is why I do not think about love as too fast or too slow. It is whatever people are prepared to do honestly.

Sometimes it can take time to validate ownership. Other times people know right away and confirmation comes quickly. But love is most dangerous to the person who is still a stranger to them self.” –NEO BLAQNESS