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cyber abuseThe one thing you got to remember about being online is that just like in the movie The Matrix, where Mr. Smith and his men could take over anyone’s body, there are people who have no control over their life and don’t know the peace of God who can be used at any moment to attack you and not even understand that they are being used by dark forces.

So when somebody out of the blue has something trifling to say to you online, consider the source and simply dismiss them. There is a scripture that essentially says that you never know when you might be entertaining angels unaware. Here’s a wake up call people. That does include FALLEN angels who can possess the unholy fingers of a lost soul at the other end of the keyboard at any time in an attempt to push you over the edge.

It is up to the rest of us to listen to our better angels and show God’s light according to how we each are led. Evil hates the sound of laughter and if the joy of the Lord is indeed your strength, it cannot be stolen by an unkind typed word. So when those attacks come, simply hit the CAP LOCK and press two letters…. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA then send, then block. Dust off your feet. Keep walking. Nuff said. -Neo Blaqness