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by Neo Blaqness

Maybe in your mind
it was nuthin but a thing
another midnight booty call
unworthy of a ring
and maybe the only
thing she thought
was about getting high
and getting off
but that don’t excuse
either of you
for what 9 months later
would bring
a child is not
an inconvenient
consequence of
no strings flings
and there is nothing
really to be proud
about seeing
another single mama
without a king
no matter what she thinks
some things gotta change
if we ever gonna be
a strong black family
it starts and ends with queens
how we treat our sistahs
not just creepin
in and out of doors
bed hoppin babies poppin
by a half a dozen or more
lookin left and lookin right
not one baby daddy in sight
just the latest dog of a man
treatin mama like a w hore
change the skin to white
we been here before
when massa made
his light skinned slaves
now we carry the banner
like we carry his name
beggin for checks
to cover our shame
breakin our necks
to stand in line
for the subsistence games
have we lost our minds?
there comes a point in time
when we got
no one else
to blame