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lightbulbmomentNEO, first of all, thank you for all the work that you do sharing your words of wisdom. The reason I even have the courage to write you is because I am one of those women who started reading you at first with suspicion. I was wondering for a year what your angle or your game was so I laid back on your profile and just watched. I watched you take on some issues with these women and at first I thought they were all pretty lame for writing you. I mean this is the internet.

But the more I paid attention to your answers the more I realized you knew what you were talking about. I started paying attention and taking notes and even coming online everyday to see what you had to say. I am a church going lady but if I had to pay you for every time you called me out and stepped on my toes I would be broke. Sometimes it is easier to go hear a sermon than to read some of your answers to people. Not because you are mean, even though you do bring it when you need to, but because you are real.

You are like the internet dad or internet big brother everybody hate to come to sometimes but they know they will get an honest answer. I used to think you was just a man who thought he knew everything. I used to look for reasons to say you were wrong. Until one Sunday after my Bishop preached a sermon realized that my spirit was wrong. I was looking to be negative when I should have been praying for your strength. Once I dealt with that I began to see so many things I never paid attention to before. Like how much you really put your heart and soul into what you do and how much you are willing to use your own pain and failures and lessons you learned to be an example.

When I started paying attention to your heart and not just your words I saw what a real man of God truly is. We all got our own place in this world. You have a way of switching up how to say things to make your point. Sometimes you say it in a way that a preacher can’t say it in the church. I used to look down on you about that. But I don’t anymore. After all this time I think I finally get it. I think I finally get who you are. It takes a while to really understand because there is a lot to you. But I want you to know that even if we never meet in this life, I am proud to be one of your sisters and I do keep you in prayer. Thank you for doing what you do. You have given me the strength to believe that if a man as strong as you can have the courage to put his feelings and heart on the table like you do, it is time for me to come out of my shell because I have a lot to give as well. So the next time you ask for help with a situation I will not be sitting on the fence anymore. I promise you that. Just sign me as -ONE MORE SISTER WHO HAS YOUR BACK

MY REPLY: For years I have been doing this and wondering if it was really making a difference. For some reason this year, after being admitted to the hospital for the first in my life thinking I had more fingers and toes than people who would miss me if I never wrote another word online or on paper, so many of you have seen fit to make your presence known to me that I had no idea were really reading. I may not be able to reply to every one of you when I am busy but I do do read every message. Thank you so much Rhonda. You have blessed me today. -NEO