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by Neo Blaqness

I have met
so few of us
who know
what it is
to be
truly loved
instead of
being used
and tossed aside
cruelly abused
by a Jekyll and Hyde
or an unwitting victim
of someone’s
bipolar side
or just
next up
to be kissed
on a never ending
friends list
where loyalty
to self
is the only love
that exists
and romance
which once
the imagination
is replaced by booty shots
to entice masturbation
still we wonder why
our love lives
remain in a rut
when lust supplants love
lasting only
as long as a nut
which occurs in a way
that so defiles
by avoiding love
face to face
kickin it doggie style
claiming somehow
the pleasure is deeper
but never quite enough
to marry or keep her
I’m not saying
is always necessary
to the contrary
never be wary
of variety’s spice
but if physical heat
is all that you seek
chances are few
that you’ll ever
wear ice