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by Neo Blaqness

I am saddened by my sistahs
who don’t know their worth,
who define themselves by
how much attention they can get
toward their bodies
and not for being somebody
as mothers of the earth.
I am burdened by my bruthas
who don’t read,
only breed,
and think life is about being fly,
getting high,
and finding a chick
who will ride or die,
while all the time
keeping several on the sly.
And I am wounded
by my sistahs who
just let all that slide,
all up in them, him,
them, all of dem,
having babies who
don’t even know who dey real kin.
I am angered by my bruthas
who won’t even work,
living off of sistahs
while doing their dirt,
and my sistahs with blisters
who pretend it don’t hurt
just so they can say
they got a man
all up in they skirt.
saving names
but forgetting they number
playing games
just to feed the hunger
only to be richly blessed
by swollen wombs
of emptiness