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by Neo Blaqness

I often ask myself
the same about women
that women ask about guys
when given a chance
to tell the truth
from the beginning
why do we choose to lie
and make all kinds of excuses
about not wanting to cause confusion
over the feelings you felt
but how can you protect
another from pain
when you can’t even
be honest with yourself
and what exactly is to gain
in lying about
having somebody else
sure sometimes we regret
choosing the person we met
when our loneliness was strong
and there’s no denying it’s hard
to sleep next to somebody
when the right one comes along
but do you truly believe
in all of history
that you are the only one
out of all the other
mothers and bruthas
who worked it out
for the sake of
their daughters and sons
who had no choice
in by whom the deed was done
and still no voice
now that you trying to run
I cannot judge if you go or stay
because I am not in your shoes
but when you lie to try
to step my way
the only music I hear
is the blues